What Is A Sex Doll?

What Is A Sex Doll?


  Sex dolls are life-size, anatomically correct, anthropomorphic (human appearance) dolls. Sex dolls are a kind of simulated adult sex toys that meet the sexual needs of real people and are very popular. They have at least one penetrable orifice (such as a mouth, anus, or vagina), and some have penises so their owners can ride them. It is not uncommon for dolls to have breasts and penises, which represent a variation of transgender dolls. Dolls come in a variety of different sizes, but most commonly are as tall or taller as their owners. People use them for sexual gratification, but for many, they're more than just masturbation toys. For owners of sex dolls, they are companions, lovers, surrogate sex partners, photo models and tools for healing heartaches.

  Sex dolls come in a variety of genders, and some even cross species, creating anthropomorphic animals or alien hybrids. These are more specialized and serve a niche in the sex doll industry.

  Until now, the dolls were created to meet the highest standards of beauty, which often meant their aesthetic included exaggerated breasts, lips, butts, long limbs and slender waists, eye makeup accented as well as cheeks, lips and genitals Blush around. However, custom dolls can be of any color, size or even anthropomorphic species.

  The term agalmatophilia is associated with the sexual inversion of love dolls, statues or mannequins, and the concept of "love dolls" is not new. The ancient Greek story of Pygmalion begins with a man who was a king and sculptor in ancient Greece. Pygmalion, after seeing women prostituting in the temple of Aphrodite (as is custom), began to resent women's sexuality and imperfection, and vowed to remain celibate. He threw himself into the work and eventually carved the "perfect woman" out of stone. Before long, he fell in love with her and started kissing her, stroking her, and giving her flowers. One day, during the festival of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, he uttered his secret wish. Let the bride "be the living image of my ivory girl". When he came home and kissed the lips of his statue, he noticed that they were warm, blood running down her cheeks, Aphrodite's gift of life.

  While a relationship with a statue may be a bit unimaginable, a sexual relationship with a mannequin or doll made of something soft and soft is easier to grasp. Sailors would make dolls out of cloth on long voyages; in the 17th century, hand-stitched leather dolls were called Dutch wives, made by Dutch sailors who traded with the Japanese, a term still in use today. Sometime after that, inflatable dolls became a more practical option for easy portability and storage. In 1955, the Bild doll was transformed into a subtle and sexy "adult doll", given as a gift to German men; it set unattainable beauty standards and was then replicated in Barbie.

  Today, Pygmalion's romance would be considered a story of an "incel," or a man angry at a woman for rejecting him. In early 1912, Oscar began an affair with Alma Mahler, the widow of composer Gustav Mahler. She became his muse, he was obsessed with her and painted her every day. As the war began, he enlisted as a cavalry soldier and was shot in the head shortly after joining. After returning from World War I as a wounded man with PTSD, he finds that his love, Alma Mahler, is married to another man. Heartbroken, angry, and perhaps a little unstable from war and injury, he commissioned a life-size doll that looked like his beloved Alma and included holes for penetration and fun. He traveled around with the doll and even hired a servant to dress her, let his servant spread rumors that she was a real woman, travel with him in a carriage and even take her to the theatre. A year later, the relationship ended. Details aren't known, but Oscar realizes he's finally done with Alma and throws a party to celebrate. He sat her on a chair, poured her wine, and chopped off her head with an axe.

  The story of Oskar and his Alma doll may not be the healthiest example of how to use a doll to overcome an ex. Others, however, might argue that Oscar used his doll to use an inanimate object to deal with grief, rather than act violently against Alma herself. After ending up with the doll, he eventually fell in love and married a real woman, and enjoyed a long and successful career, culminating in his death at the age of 94.

  When it comes to companionship, dolls have always been a gateway to intimacy and a safe way to explore feelings for those who are grieving and not ready to start a new relationship. As children, many of us have a stuffed toy or doll that we feel comforted and cuddled with while we sleep. The notion that dolls are a source of comfort for a man or woman grieving after a divorce or after the death of a loved one or spouse is not difficult to understand if we stop focusing solely on dolls as sexual purposes. The current term for someone who owns dolls and uses them for sex as well as love and companionship is iDollators. For them, sex dolls are more than masturbation toys. For many, it's the bridge between heartache and a fresh start. For them, it's a cure for loneliness and disappointment.

  Contrary to popular belief, it's not just single men who buy sex dolls; women and couples buy them too. For couples, dolls are a safe way to introduce third-person thoughts into their sex lives. For those who want to explore a specific sexuality, perhaps same-sex, it allows for sexual exploration without cheating. There is also a less mentioned situation where a partner has a disability or is physically unable to have sex with a partner but still feels a craving and wants to see their partner sexually fulfilled. Instead, they may use the doll as a surrogate for their sexual experience.

  For women and men, dolls can be a tool for understanding what you want and desire as the owner. Often, sex with women is rushed, and they usually don't experience an orgasm. Part of the reason is that not every woman can orgasm through penetration. Another factor, however, is that many women live in a culture that discourages them from taking initiative or exploring what makes them feel good. Having sex with a sex doll gives them the opportunity to explore what they like, move at their own pace, and let their desires work.

  In addition to busting the myth that only men buy sex dolls, not all sex dolls are "perfect" and young, with the slender 18-year-old figure. For those who get custom dolls, some prefer that they look older, with crow's feet and wrinkles around their smiles; they feel that the dolls represent people they can relate to in real life. In the end, whatever they choose has to be realistic enough for their experience to feel real. Many customers want a certain level of aesthetics.

  There is a downside to having sex with dolls. While the doll won't complain, nag, argue, cheat, or reject you, it won't provide biofeedback either. It can't replace the very real chemistry of human interaction, or the unique heave of your hips as they rub against you, or the moist feeling of your mouth and tongue when they kiss you. However, in an age where humans can be awakened by video and porn without needing to smell or touch another human being, there is ample evidence that our brains are the real driver here, and our imaginations make up for the lack of face-to-face release of pheromones interaction.

  Of course, dolls are not just a substitute for human interaction. A realistic doll creates a realistic fantasy, which, in the words of psychologist Michael Budd, is "the chilling effect our brain uses to counteract guilt, worry, shame, rejection, and helplessness and make it adequate." Tools to Experience Pleasure Safely”. In his book Male Sexuality: Why Women Don’t Understand — And Men Don’t, Budd rejects the male fantasy that women (dolls) are willing to serve them and derive from sexual gratification Fun point of view, not misogynists because they are misogynists. Instead, he suggests that male fantasies oppose the belief that women are sexually shut down, that they don't derive pleasure from sex or please men, and they don't feel disappointed by men who pursue their own interests. In short, having sex with dolls allows us to express ourselves freely beyond shame.

  Dolls are romantic to their owners, but essentially, dolls are created to please their owners. They are ready when the owner wants to be sexually satisfied and please. They never judge, argue or belittle their masters. They can't cheat, and they won't drain your bank account beyond the initial purchase. For those with perverse desires who find it too awkward to share with others, dolls are a haven for exploration. For couples who fear the very likely consequences of introducing a third person, the dolls allow them to navigate a threesome without emotional entanglement. Finally, for those who are not ready or able to re-enter the dating world, they can help heal loneliness, ease heartache, and provide comfort and connection.

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