What is a penis pump and the benefits of using a penis pump?

What is a penis pump and the benefits of using a penis pump?


     The penis pumps are male toy with a vacuum device, which can help men effectively improve erectile dysfunction and prolong sex time. Help men experience sex better. You can also use it to pass time.

Principle of penis pump

     The penis pump acts on the male reproductive organs through a negative pressure generating device, which promotes the expansion of arteries and blood vessels, increases and speeds up fluid flow, promotes rapid congestion of the corpus cavernosum, changes the fibrous tissue of the root of the penis and increases the thickness of the albuginea of ​​the cavernous body, so that the penis is erected quickly. Achieve sufficient hardness to stop venous return. So as to achieve a permanent erection of the penis, complete the process of sexual activity, and achieve a satisfactory sex life.

Use a penis pump 

     The penis pump has a long cylinder designed to fit easily on your shaft and certain types of pumps. The pump should always have some type of release valve. For your safety, you can press it to break the vacuum seal. Penis pump cylinders usually have some type of soft sleeve around the opening and a built-in ruler to measure your size. More advanced penis pumps may include masturbation sleeves or heavy-duty pressure gauges. First insert your penis into the long cylinder, and then press the cylinder firmly on your body. The soft sleeve helps to create a tighter seal, so the penis pump will work better. Then begin to draw air from the cylinder to create a vacuum. (Depending on your penis pump, this may involve squeezing the bulb, pressing the trigger or even just turning it on.) As you continue to pump, the vacuum will become stronger and more effective. When finished, just press the release valve to break the vacuum seal and remove the penis pump.

     Men use erectile dysfunction pumps to avoid health risks or invasive surgery. Some of the benefits of using a medical penis pump may alsoinclude:

       Compared with other treatments, this treatment is not invasive and has less adverse health risks.
      *For example, oral medications, such as Viagra or Cialis, may not be a substitute for men taking high blood pressure medications. Men who have diabetes, prostate cancer, or are taking high blood pressure medications may use vacuum erection devices as the only effective treatment for ED every day, depending on their medical condition.
     *Penile injections can leave scar tissue on the penis with side effects, such as penile curvature, called Peyronie's disease.
     *Surgical penile implants are the most invasive treatment option. Surgical implants are considered effective, but external penile pumps are generally recommended as first-line treatment.
     *ED shock wave therapy is a popular new therapy that stimulates the blood vessels in the shaft of the penis. However, the FDA considers this treatment to be experimental.

       Compared with other treatment options, penis pumps can provide better cost-effectiveness.

        For complex surgical procedures, the price of surgical penile implants is usually as high as $15,000 or more. Shockwave therapy requires multiple treatments in the office and can cost thousands of dollars. None of the treatments mentioned are as effective and cost-effective as medical grade penis pumps.The device may be recommended for penis rehabilitation.                               

        Penis exercises are now considered to have multiple health and sexual benefits, and urologists may recommend medical-grade penile pumps for this purpose. Exercise after prostate cancer surgery, called penile rehabilitation, is considered to be an effective way to prevent penile shortening, penile contraction, and tissue atrophy.The penis pump can be used in combination with other ED treatments.
      Most other treatments for erectile dysfunction can be improved by using a penis pump to maintain an erection or increase the fullness of the erection during intercourse.

      Choose a penis pump that suits you, and stop immediately if you feel uncomfortable using it.

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