What are Anal plugs?

What are Anal plugs?

  What are they?

  Oh, glorious ass plug! Different feelings, a sex toy that anyone with an anus can enjoy, regardless of genitals, gender or orientation.

  Butt plug is an anal toy that can plug your butt very well. They are shaped like teardrops and have a wider bottom to prevent them from being inhaled too far.

  What's the point?

        Fun for beginners. Your anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, and it feels unusually excited when stimulated. Your butt hole is also the entrance to the prostate—also known as the "male G-spot"—and the roundabout to the A and G points of the vagina.


        Yes, anal orgasm is real, anyone with an anus can have it, and anal plugs can help.

  All the nerves in your backdoor are just part of what makes docking games feel so amazing.

  Cis males and those who were designated as males at birth can use anal plugs to achieve prostate orgasm.

  Civic women and those who were assigned to be women at birth can use an indirect stimulation of point A or point G, leading to a phenomenon called female ejaculation.


        Butt plugs can be used to stretch your anus and prepare you for something bigger, whether it's a bigger toy, a penis, or something that opens up. All it takes is to start small and gradually move up.

  What are the misunderstandings?

        Too much. But we will break the record and take you into the wonderful world of hip penetration fun.

  Using a plug does not mean you agree to anal sex

         Agreeing to one type of sexual activity does not mean that you openly invited another type of sexual activity. Using a butt plug will not make your butt big and useless and open to anal sex unless it is what you want.

  Is it painful to use anal plugs?

        When your butt is used to being pierced, it is normal to have a little discomfort, but it should not cause severe pain.

        Take your time and use a lot of lubricating oil.


       Will you shit?

  We promise you will not, but it will definitely make you feel like it.

  You stimulate many of the same nerves, so the urge to defecate is normal. Before you start, go to the bathroom and let your mind and bowels empty.

  Will the butt plug get stuck or lost?

        It will not get stuck or lost-but other things may
        Although the docking plug is cleverly designed to keep it intact, other things are not the case. Don't use anything that is not specifically designed for your ass.
        Foreign bodies can cause serious damage to your colon, let alone inspire the episode "The Untold Story of the Emergency Room".

  So avoid curiosity and never use other things.

  What are the types?

       Unlike other anal toys (such as dildos and probes used for internal and external movements), butt plugs will actually plug your butt. Continuous satiety is their strength.

    The plug is usually tapered to facilitate insertion and opening towards the bottom. They are made of different materials, each of which brings you a different pleasure. You can find smooth plugs, textured plugs and vibrating plugs.

  How do you use it?

       Being awakened and relaxed will make using butt plugs more fun. Incorporating one into other games, such as masturbation, oral sex, or vaginal penetration, is a great way to get your feet wet.

  Here are some tips to help make inserting easy and pleasant:

  Take a hot bath or start some foreplay to help relax tense muscles. This will make the insertion less harsh.

  Apply a lot of lubricating oil around the anus and on the plug.

  Press the tip of the stopper against your anus and gradually increase the pressure.

  If you feel any pain, stop immediately. Then, take a deep breath and try again with more oil, a different angle, or a smaller plug.

  How do you clean and store it?

  Most plugs can be cleaned with soap and water or sex toy cleaner, but be sure to read the care instructions that come with the plug.

  Store the plug in a clean, dry place that will not be damaged. If it comes with a storage bag or box, please use it.

  Is there anything else you should know?

  Butt plugs feel great, but not everyone likes them. Be sure to take your time, play safely, and don't give up at the first sign of discomfort—sometimes you just need to adjust your technique.
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