Water spray? 💦

Water spray? 💦

       We are talking about ejaculation, which can also be called female "ejaculation (although there is no need to distinguish between genders).

  Speaking of orgasm spraying, many men will think of the spectacular scenes of female vaginal sprays in love movies. This is the most exciting experience in orgasm. But women seem to know too little about orgasm spraying. Have you seen a fountain? The orgasm spray is like a female vagina fountain. Is it a spectacular scene? Many men hope that their abilities can let the women around them enjoy the pleasure of orgasm spraying, but not every woman can achieve orgasm spraying.

  Because the fluid comes from the urethra, many people think it is urine-but it is actually (chemically) very similar to prostatic fluid. In fact, the anatomical name of "G-spot" is Prostata Femina, which means "female prostate" in Latin. Now, once again, we don’t need to distinguish between genders in various parts of our body, but knowing that the g-spot is similar or “similar” to the prostate helps us better understand this wonderful anatomical feature.

  Want to try spraying? Here are some useful tips to help you get started!

  💦 Awakening is the key: when you are awakened, the g-spot performs best because it expands with the liquid and becomes more irritating-so make sure you are turned on before you go exploring! It will feel much better. While exploring the g-spot, try to read some pornography or try other sexual activities. And don't forget the lubricant!

  💦Mixed orgasm-Don't limit your external contact to foreplay. Stimulating the g-spot while providing clitoral stimulation can lead to an amazingly rich orgasm. This can be done with the mouth, fingers, and of course... a vibrator!

  💦The curve is in all the right places: We mentioned that the effective way to stimulate the g-spot is to roll your finger up as if you are calling someone closer, but the right toy with the right curve can do this for you. Toys like Pure Wand or Bullseye provide the perfect shape to reach the area.

  💦Comfort is very important: the pressure of g-spot stimulation can make people feel abnormal, and may also cause a feeling similar to the need to urinate. Again, the fluid flowing from the urethra will make you feel like you are urinating, but if you can get rid of this worry, remind yourself why it feels similar, and know that you have a leak-proof thing under you, just like a liberator. ——-So try to let yourself explore the big version you created. You may find something new that you like!
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