Toys for every dance floor

Toys for every dance floor


  During sex, the brain secretes wonderful happiness hormones, which is also an important reason why many people find sex so happy. But does the same thing happen when we dance to music?

  Even if we don't have the best mobility or our technique leaves something to be desired, it feels good to have our best moves. We're always looking for ways to add more fun to our daily lives. If you're the same, then carrying discreet sex toys to the dance floor should be next on your list. Talk about dopamine boosters.

  Since we're celebrating PleasureFest right now, and festivals are a great place to explore your freedom and sexuality (as long as you're safe), we're using the festival stage as our dance inspiration for this blog. Rock day and night with a sexy secret up your sleeve for an unforgettable experience.

  Remember to keep your little secret too - strangers you just met in Mosh probably don't want to hear what's going on in your panties unless they ask!

  Remote control thrills in silent disco

  When you're playing one of these clever toys in a silent disco, the DJ won't be the only one putting out a good vibe at a certain frequency. Wearable remote control toys allow you to hand over the reins to your partner so they can control the intensity and pattern of the toy's vibrations from anywhere in the room (and sometimes even further away).

  For vulva owners, there is a panty vibrator like an app controller that you can attach magnetically to any piece of underwear. For penis owners, the penis ring will hug the base of your penis so you can enjoy disco with stimulating pressure and vibrations. Make sure to leave it on for no more than 30 minutes, or if it starts to feel uncomfortable.

  Anyone can happily use a butt plug like a remote, but you should definitely practice wearing it around the house for extended periods of time to allow your body to get used to it and lubricate it! Your dance sweat won't work like lube (sorry).

  Your challenge: See how long you can keep your hands off your sweetheart, then bring them to your tent for a quick run between sets.

  Feel the beat of the dance stage together

  Feel the music emotionally and physically with our brand new collection. These vibrators use voice-activated technology to pulse and buzz with the rhythm and beat of the music. The faster and louder the music, the stronger the vibrations - chamber music will never be the same again.

  With a run time of 40 minutes, you'll be sure to be front and center to get the most out of the toy's ambience, or to save a rechargeable run time for your favorite songs. this is your choice.

  How does it work? The remote (which can be conveniently hung around your neck) picks up noise and sends a signal to a cock ring, love egg, butt plug or panty vibrator to run in time. This makes the booming speakers on the dance stage the perfect place to learn about the effects of music on your body. You'll be begging to do it again, we're sure.

  Silent toys (aka tents) for your own personal dance floor

  If you can't miss a show and you choose to bravely frolic in a tent with your friends just metres away and only a paper-thin wall separating you, a super-quiet toy is a must.

  To keep noise to a minimum, a dildo is a great way to keep big movements like hip thrusting down while still enjoying vaginal or anal penetration. Combined with this space-saving blowjob position, the only thing you need to worry about is how loud your moans are.

  A non-vibration option would obviously be quieter, but if you simply can't live without your vibrations, consider a little bullet like this one that goes through all your erogenous zones.

  It's not easy when it's crowded, but a mambo mattress in a tent is sometimes better than any crowded disco. Sneak away in due course and hope your buddies don't return to camp to rest.

  Kegel balls for acoustic stages

  If you've ever tried Kegel balls, you know how exciting they can be when you're moving around. Just walking or moving on a chair will do the trick, but swinging your hips to the acoustics? amazing.

  Kegel balls are small, heavy balls that can be inserted into the vagina to slowly stimulate your inner walls while using your pelvic floor muscles to support them. Whatever weight you decide to use, make sure your Kegel balls are inserted for no more than four to six hours.

  Biggest dance floor and sneakiest stimulator of them all

  You've settled into the crowd and ready to boogie your favorite headliner on the main stage (the biggest dance floor you'll find at the festival). To that end, we've kept things simple and subtle so you don't fiddle with the toys, but still get the excitement and get your body moving.

  Apply some to your erogenous areas like nipples, neck, or even your clitoris or penis to awaken the senses and increase

  Sensitivity in these areas. Then, as you move, you should feel irritation in the grooves as your clothing rubs against the area. Plus, you can double your lipstick as your body glitter stick, so if you reapply, no one will question you—genius, we know.

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