Tips and Skill for Rabbit Vibrators

Tips and Skill for Rabbit Vibrators


  Rabbit vibrators are one of the best sex toys on the market. But does everyone know how to get the most out of a vibrator? You should seek more tips and tricks for more intense vaginal and clitoral orgasms. Step into the world of female vibrators and try new things!


  Remember when Charlotte from Sex and the City said that if she keeps using her rabbit vibrator she's afraid she'll never have sex with a man? Well, we won't go that far, but we highly recommend everyone to try a rabbit.

  Here's why.

  This vibrator can do so much more than stimulate penetrative sex. Sure, you'll be amazed as soon as you put the shaft in. But the rabbit can be useful in many other ways.

  The rabbit can stimulate your clitoris, yes, but it can stimulate other areas as well. Why limit yourself and go straight to the main course when you can enjoy a foreplay first?

  Use the bunny ears or shaft to tease anywhere. Let's face it - you know your erogenous zones better than anyone. So treat them to a visit from their dear new friend Mr. Rabbit.


  One of the best orgasms you can have is through nipple play. Now we know that only about 29% of women are lucky enough to achieve that holy grail of orgasms. However, you'll never know if you're in the top 29% unless you try. And even if you don't, nipple stimulation will still be a delicious treat and an amazing prelude to actual clitoral penetration and stimulation.

  So use your rabbit point vibrator and all the enticing vibration patterns it has to tease your nipples. Bring her to her climax, make her stand tight and enjoy all the sensations that point stimulators can evoke.


  Since we're already reminiscing about "Sex and the City," we can't help but take another walk down memory lane, this time with Samantha. Remember when she set aside a whole day for masturbation alone? Well, isn't that a wonderful way to spend a day off?

  Of course, we can't always spend our free time with a magic wand between our legs as some of us have errands to run. But it's nice to treat yourself to a long, heavenly, and satisfying masturbation session.

  So to get the most out of your rabbit vibrator, take your time with it. And if you're new to the glorious world of vibrators, get used to yours by trying the shallow water first. Start with the lowest setting and work your way up!


  One of the perks of going slow is that it's the perfect way to achieve those coveted multiple orgasms. The bunny, with its shape and functional extras (yes, we're talking about those cheeky bunny ears), is actually the ideal tool for this.

  Start playing around with the lowest setting. Tease yourself to the brink of orgasm by slowly increasing the speed. Then, just as you're about to hit the pleasure jackpot, slow down but keep the stimulation going. Edge like this a few times (as many times as you can), and then when you think you can't hold it anymore, let yourself fall over the edge - multiple times!


  Some rabbits have two motors. Well, that might sound too technical, but listen to us. Dual motors mean the shaft and ears can move and vibrate independently. This means you can stimulate your clitoris at a speed or intensity (or pattern) while the shaft's vibrations do their own thing inside you.

  It's also important to note that bunny ears have rhythmic pulses that can easily throw you off balance on your own. So you don't really need to use the bunny to have some fun alone. Ears are a quick descent (even over a few layers of clothing if you're in a hurry or away from home, if you take what we mean).

  Stroke the nipples

  You can also please ears in many other ways. We've already talked about the adorable nipple play and how you can use your rabbit vibrator to stimulate her. But the vibrator itself might be too strong, especially if you have sensitive nipples. So why not use your ears wisely? They are gentler, and the delicate vibrations could make your head spin.

  Turn it around

  Bunny ears can also bring pleasure by turning the vibrator around while playing with yourself. Sure, stimulating both your G-spot and clitoris is excellent, but it can get boring. So why not change something?

  Turn the vibrator over. This way you may miss the G-spot stimulation, but you reposition the ears to stimulate your ass. The anal area is full of sensitive nerve endings, and the vibrating ears can take the whole self-playing experience to another level.

  Give him a friend

  If you are interested in playing with multiple toys at the same time, you can also use a butt plug while playing with your vibrator. The feeling of being stuffed and having all your holes filled makes for such an intense orgasm that you might need a few days of rest afterwards!

  Don't be selfish - be a joke

  Just because the rabbit vibrator is the holy grail of sex toys for women doesn't mean others can't use it. So, why not introduce your lover to your vibrant best friend and share in the pleasure?

  A rabbit can come in handy if you pleasure it orally. Place the rabbit gently on the perineum or use it to massage the testicles while playing with the shaft. The vibrations will drive him crazy!

  Alternatively, if your partner is ready to shed shyness and embrace all forms of pleasure, you can use the rabbit for pegging.


  Of course, the partner game does not have to be one-sided. You and your partner can take turns performing oral sex as well as using the rabbit. When your partner uses the vibrator on you and at the same time teases you with kisses, nibbles or love bites, you will have a much better time than alone.


  So you can use your rabbit during foreplay, as an appetizer, or as a main event. It's strong enough for both! But no matter how you decide to use your rabbit vibrator, make sure you always use it safely and that you clean it before and after each use. This is especially important if you use it with your partner.

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