Tips and Fun with Butt Plugs

Tips and Fun with Butt Plugs


  Are you a curious newbie to anal play or want to explore different types of anal toys? Maybe you don't know how to use a docking plug. This article will discuss beginner-friendly butt plug tips! Are you ready to try an anal plug ?

  2 basic rules of anal play

  1. Using toys made for anal sex

  The first thing to remember about putting anything on your butt is that you can lose it in the rectal tube, so only using toys designed for anal play is absolutely essential! Your rectal tube is long and basically has 2 sphincters (one external and one internal). If you put an object in it and pass through the second sphincter, it may travel down your anal canal and you won't be able to retrieve it without medical help. That's why anal toys will have a special flared bottom or retrieval mechanism to make sure you don't lose your toy! So rest assured, there will be no worries!

  2. Never go from anus to vagina

  We're talking about butt plugs here, so if you have a vagina, you definitely don't put one in there. But again, just to be on the safe side, I'll reiterate: once any dildo or sex toy is on your ass, it's never played directly from anus to vagina to avoid spreading any potentially harmful bacteria. Even if you use toys designed for anal play, remember to always clean them thoroughly with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner before and after each use!

  5 Butt Plug Tips for Beginners

  1. Size issues

  If you are new to anal, the first thing you need to remember is that size matters! You never want to start with the biggest plug you can find. Instead, you want to look for a toy that's thin and tapered so you're comfortable with the feel. There are tons of beginner plugs to choose from. Some sets even come in multiple sizes so you can move up when you feel comfortable.

  2. Lubricate it

  The anal canal is not self-lubricating like the vagina, so you must always make sure to use lube. Not just a little lube, I mean a lot of lube! You want to keep things very slippery, so be sure to put it on your toy and in the entrance to eliminate any friction. Anal lube is usually thicker and longer lasting and can be used for anal play. Silicone lubes will be the preferred lube as they last longer than water-based lubes. But if you have silicone stoppers, don't use silicone lube as this can cause the toy material to deteriorate over time. Finally, reapply when needed! If you feel resistance, add more lube. When in doubt, stop and add more!

  3. Win the game slowly and steadily

  This is an "outlet", usually not an "inlet", so you need to give your body time to adjust. You will need to push and push out a little at a time (yes, as if you were having a bowel movement) so your muscles relax and stretch to accept the toy. If you relax, walk slowly, use lube, and let your muscles expand, you'll feel great! Never push the toy quickly just to "get over" as this can cause damage and discomfort.

  4. Pain vs. pleasure

  Anal play should never be painful. You're plugging in 3 reasons it's never happened before using a butt plug

  1. Get ready to play

  If you ask why butt plugs are used, the answer is simple: they are fun! Butt plugs can be used to prepare for more intensive anal play. For example, if you and your partner are considering anal sex, wearing a plug before anal sex can greatly enhance the experience and increase your pleasure! Your anal muscles have loosened and stretched from the plug, so when your partner removes the plug and enters you, you will be more receptive to their penis or strap.

  2. Enhance orgasm experience

  Anal orgasm is possible! Also, people with vaginas often have stronger clitoral or vaginal orgasms when they use anal stimulation. So if you wear a butt plug during vaginal sex, oral sex, or using a vibrator, your orgasm can be very intense!

  3. Double the fun

  Double penetration during PIV sex is very satisfying for both you and your partner. The sight of something in your rectum when your partner penetrates you vaginally is so sexy, especially when using a decorative or bejeweled butt plug! Also keep in mind that there is only a thin layer of lining between your vagina and rectal canal, so if you have a plug in your anal canal, your partner can feel it in your vagina! Many people report that this increased "tightness" makes them orgasm faster and more intensely. Try a vibrating plug that you or your partner can control to increase the sensation!

  Place, so especially in the first few times, you will feel stressed. This is totally normal! What is not normal is pain or bleeding. This indicates that the lining of your rectum may have been slightly torn. This is common among first-time anal sex players, but if you're careful and take your time, it won't happen. If it does happen, make sure to take the time to heal before trying again. If you feel stressed, you can continue as long as you go slowly and don't push too fast. Once you have the plug fully inserted into your rectum, you should feel pleasant.

  5. Picky

  You need to choose the right plug for you. Once you get comfortable with anal play, you can find a toy that better suits your needs. During double penetration, vibrating plugs can be very exciting and fun (when someone with a vagina has a toy or penis at each entry - anal and vagina - at the same time). Whatever you choose, always follow proper insertion and cleaning rules to ensure every playtime is fun and safe!

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