The best sex positions for the twelve zodiac signs


      Are you looking forward to something new? Are you looking for some ways to increase your sex life? Are you looking for new love positions? Here we can recommend poses for your unique personality by horoscope.

  Zodiac signs can vary in character traits, but every zodiac sign likes to feel good. You just need to find the best love position for your zodiac sign. While you're free to experiment with various poses, letting the stars guide your choices can help narrow it down and learn more about your astrological identity in the process. Here, we've highlighted some of the best sex toys for your zodiac sign to try out, based on your personal zodiac's likes, dislikes and preferences. With these delightful devices, you don't need a constellation to know you'll see stars.


  Position: Reverse Cowgirl

  Aries - you like to get what you want when you want it. Some call it "bossy", others call it "driving force." Either way, this quality shows that you are happiest when you are in the lead and calling the shots. This position gives you plenty of control while your partner can simply enjoy the ride.


  : Yogi

  Bulls pursue passions in every aspect of their lives - including their sex life. You may need a position that allows you to feel as close to your partner as possible, and this position certainly works for you.


  Location: liftoff

  Ambitious? Yes. The original? Yes. Maybe a little difficult? Oh my gosh, yes. It is no coincidence that we can easily describe this position or Gemini in general. If this position is too strenuous, feel free to adjust it to sit on the kitchen counter.


  : tired

  The puppy pose is not only super relaxing, you also get full body contact with your partner, which is a must for the extremely sensitive Cancer. You're a natural nurturer, but that doesn't mean you don't like being cared for either.


  : Flying Buttresses

  To put it bluntly, Leo has a bit of a penchant for acting, Leo likes to feel powerful and to be seen, which makes this pose where you're completely exposed to your partner is almost perfect. Mind you, brave Lions - this requires considerable flexibility.


  Position: Octopus vs Virgin

  When it comes to seating, precision is everything. Whether you're a giver or receiver of this position, you can be sure to get what you need with two sets of hands. Direct eye contact during sex can be too much for Virgos; Kovacs points out that they prefer to be humble and humble. For this reason, she recommends using the spoon position, with both parties facing the same direction, as the ideal sex position for this zodiac sign, as it provides enough affection without overwhelming them with the intimacy of eye contact.



  If you are anything, Libras are sharing, compassionate and loving. They want to make sure that everything is equal in sexual contact, and that both you and your partner will benefit from this 69-inspired pose with free use of hands and mouth. You can tip the scales (pardon the pun) in your favor simply by sitting up. In this pose, both partners perform oral sex at the same time in a head-to-toe position, so both parties give and receive pleasure at the same time.


  Position: Anal Missionary

  As low-key trendsetters, Scorpios like to take traditional things and tweak them to their liking. Scorpio, meet missionary position for anal sex. This is a tried and true position if you like to experiment with different penetration angles. (Not to mention, it's a great option if you're just starting to explore anal play).


  : keep a dog

  Sagittarius loves to take risks, especially when they bring big rewards. As difficult as this pose may seem (it requires the upper body strength of both players), you and your equally adventurous partner will enjoy doing this pose just as you enjoy your feats later.


  : standing puppy

  Ask any hat and they'll tell you without hesitation - anything good in this life takes effort. This position certainly presents challenges (and a lack of eye contact), but that doesn't bother most goats -- in fact, it's probably sexier for them because of these things.


  Position: Side saddle all the time

  , Aquarius love to keep alive in the bedroom. Transitions, whether fully straddled or on your partner's back, can be easily started from this position. The friction created by the legs together is just an added bonus.


  Position: Roll

  We would never call Pisces easily overwhelmed - it's just that you have a lot of feelings. Getting into a position like this, where you're basically chatting up your partner, fosters an atmosphere of intimacy while providing you with all the stimulation you need. This allows for optimal intimacy and full body contact.

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