The 3 Best Thrusting Techniques


  Sometimes people gloss over the actual specifics when talking about sex. In this article we'll discuss the basic action that causes our "in and out" sensations associated with intercourse, penetration (did you know you can get penetration sex toys to replicate the penetration experience in single player games??). We'll answer some questions, discuss specific technologies, and see why "getting in and out" is only part of the puzzle.

  How do you push women?

  As a sex educator, you get a lot of these questions. Suppose you are able to give a real answer to the question of how to have any sexuality with everyone of a specific gender.

  There is no one answer, regardless of the gender of the person receiving the insertion. You really need to communicate. talk to each other. Try different movements, directions, speeds, intensity, etc. This may sound overwhelming, but I invite you to consider it a fun exploration.

  How long should the thrust last?

  So, that's another question where the answer matters, as long as you both get involved. If you want a quick one, the thrust might not happen for long at all, but if you're enjoying slow sexy sex, there may be quite a bit of thrust unfolding over a longer period of time.

  Also, it's important to remember that everyone needs to feel comfortable. For partners on the receiving end, if the thrust is too hard or the angle is not right, and there is not enough lubrication, they may start to feel sore or uncomfortable. For a thrusting partner, it can become too much after a while because thrusting can be a workout, frankly. Whatever your sexual goals, comfort (or discomfort) may end up being what you want

  Thrust technology lasts longer in bed

  Now, while there is no "right" time to keep pushing, I know a lot of people who want to last longer in bed. Whether out of a desire to please your partner or simply because sex feels so good and you want it to continue, the desire to last longer is common, and you can achieve this by using thrust techniques.

  When it comes to making sure you don't orgasm prematurely, you need to consider the three components of thrust: depth, speed, and intensity. Playing around with these three factors can help you make your sexy time a little less spring and a little more marathon. Let's take a look at these different thrust techniques as well as individual factors and see how adjusting them can help you last and last.

  Shallow push and deep push

  If you've ever heard someone refer to "affectionate" then you've likely assumed that deep penetration poses are definitely where it's probably is, but if you want to offer all involved a longer, sexier, For a more satisfying experience, consider changing your thrust depth and spend some time focusing on shallow thrusts.

  Shallow thrust can feel amazing to the person on the receiving end and the actual thruster, and it definitely helps you last longer. There's even a technique on how to push on top or anywhere you can try to mix up your thrust game and have the most fun around:

  Shallow push technique

  Use this mode to change your thrust depth:

  ● 9 shallow putts — 1 deep putt

  ● 8 shallow pushes — 2 deep pushes

  ● 7 shallow pushes — 3 deep pushes

  ● 6 shallow pushes — 4 deep pushes

  ● 5 shallow pushes — 5 deep pushes

  ● 4 shallow pushes — 6 deep pushes

  ● 3 shallow pushes — 7 deep pushes

  ● 2 shallow pushes — 8 deep pushes

  ● 1 shallow push — 9 deep pushes

  Slow and fast advancement

  Have you ever heard someone complain about "jackrabbit" or "jackhammer" sex? They're talking about sex that totally involves relentless hard and fast thrusting. This kind of sex is boring at best and painful at worst. Plus, it allows the thrusters to climax fairly quickly. There is a time and place for faster penetration, but mixed with proper sex position, a slower technique for maximum sexual pleasure.

  Slow push technique

  As the name suggests, this thrust manipulation technique encourages you to take your time. Here's how it works:

  ● Enter your partner very slowly with only the tip of the penis.

  ● unplug

  ● Type them again a little faster and a little deeper

  ● unplug

  Repeat these steps to allow yourself to gradually build up speed and depth. It should take a few minutes to fully penetrate your partner, and the anticipation will make the experience more exciting for both of you.

  Push and Push

  You may have noticed that when discussing "jackhammer" sex, the strength and speed of penetration mentioned above are for good reason. When it comes to sex, some people take the "work it out or go home" motto too far. Again, relentless hard pushing can be uncomfortable and definitely doesn't provide much sexual pleasure, especially for the recipient. Plus, it's not the place to be if you want to last longer in bed. So, for better sex, why not try something gentler?

  Nudge technique

  This one doesn't even come with a list of steps, because it's so simple: get into your partner completely, then instead of focusing on the in and out moves, take turns trying some grinding or rocking moves. Take your time, take a deep breath, and enjoy!

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