Sexy Toys G-spot Vibrators.

Sexy Toys G-spot Vibrators.

      What is G-spot?

  The definition of G point is very complicated. Point G refers to a highly sensitive area 2 to 3 cm from the vaginal opening on the front wall of the vagina. In the case of not being stimulated due to local conditions, the area is more likely to have orgasm when stimulated by pressure. G point varies from person to person, and is generally equivalent to the size of a penny. It is not a point, but an area.

   What is a G-spot vibrator?

  However! Some people find that when the area is sufficiently stimulated, whether with fingers, toys, or penis, they can achieve orgasm. It all depends on experimentation and personal preference, which is why many vaginal owners like to use G-spot vibrators when they don’t have enough hands.

  There are a variety of G-spot specific vibrators to choose from, and there are many different designs to choose from-but all of them are designed to provide a better, more intense orgasm.

  If you are a beginner, choose a classic vaginal vibrator with a curved tip to stimulate the G-spot more easily. The ribbed design allows the raised ridge to pass through the G point, providing further stimulation.

  If you feel more courageous, try a fully inserted "egg", which may sound intimidating, but it means that the tip of the vibrator is round and is located right on the G point.

  What makes the G-spot vibrator different from other vibrators?

  The G-spot vibrator is usually a long, wand-like toy with a slightly curved, sometimes bulbous tip, designed to hit elusive locations. It is used for penetration, but usually it is not super deep (compared to dildos that usually provide more length and depth). Finally, unlike wands, clitoral or bunny vibrators, many G-spot vibrators do not provide clitoral stimulation (although if you know you need dual stimulation, you can find a G-spot vibrator that can provide both your G-spot and some clitoral Love).

  Dr. Laurie Mintz is the author of a passionate guide to becoming Cliterate and a tired woman, and a sex expert at the vibrator brand Lelo. She told Charisma, “Although some women can achieve orgasm through G-spot stimulation, only a very small percentage of women say They can achieve orgasm most reliably only through vaginal stimulation, while other women are the most reliable to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation or a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. In view of this, I recommend buying a G-spot vibrator that can also stimulate the clitoris. Then, subsequently, if the person finds that they do not need or like the accompanying clitoral stimulation, they can try the G-spot vibrator."

  Whether you like double stimulation, or are looking for a classic design with the G-spot at the front and center.

  You can easily tell if a vibrator is designed to hit your G-Spot just by looking at its shape. While regular vibes have a tapered or rounded tip, G-Spot vibes have a curved tip. This curve helps them stand out from the crowd . But it also makes it much easier for you to find your G-Spot, which is located near the front of the vagina toward the belly button.

  The trick is to insert your G-Spot vibe with the tip pointing toward your belly button. The curved tip allows these vibrators to “point” at the G-Spot like an O-seeking arrow. You'll still need to gently shift and wiggle the vibrator around to find your G-Spot, but the curved tip does most of the work for you!

  After finding the spot, the tip helps maximize your pleasure as well. Many G-Spot tips are bulbous or enlarged to make direct stimulation easier. Focusing vibrations directly on your G-Spot helps increase your pleasure even more for maximum satisfaction. The enlarged tip also helps keep the vibe in contact with your G-Spot no matter how much squirming or wiggling you do!

  Of course, G-Spot vibrators have more fun features than just their tip. Many G-Spot vibes feature a textured shaft or massaging beads for vaginal stimulation. Others even include a clitoral stimulator. Some of our most popular rabbit vibrators double as G- Spot vibes too. This ability to stimulate two key erogenous zones at the same time has helped countless women experience their first-ever Big O.
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