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     Prostate massage has long been known as the essence of male orgasm. This is because it unleashes the potential for men to experience what women have been passionate about for centuries, a powerful internal orgasm. In addition to releasing pure happiness, prostate massage also provides great health benefits because it helps expel bacteria from the prostate, releases pressure and keeps the glands in their best condition.

  For some reason, many men feel a little cautious about prostate massage. Traditionally, social opinions force men to enjoy these pure pleasures in silence, so few people talk about it. However, we are currently in the throes of sexual liberation because people feel more comfortable talking about sex toys, buying sex toys, and sharing their sex toy experiences with friends. Therefore, people are more open to the use of prostate massagers. However, men are still reluctant to discuss the complexity of the experience, which means that people are prone to errors when using them.

  So, what are the most common mistakes made when using a prostate massager?

  I don't know where the prostate is.

  A common mistake made before using a prostate massager is not knowing the position of the prostate. The prostate is unique to men and can be found in the front of the rectum. The walnut-shaped gland is located between the penis and the bladder and produces fluid that helps sperm to move when you ejaculate.

  Before using the prostate massager, it is important to understand the position of the prostate. This helps you adjust the angle of the massager correctly so that it applies pressure in all the correct positions. If you try to find the prostate with your fingers, it is about two inches inside the anus. Point your finger to the belly button and stroke it carefully until you find it. You can also stimulate the prostate by massaging the perineum. However, this is a less intense form of stimulation compared to direct massage.

  When you are feeling excited, it is easier to locate the prostate with your fingers.

  Failure to relax properly before and during use

  Before using the prostate massager, it is important to take some time to relax properly. This helps prepare your mind and body. This can be as simple as enjoying a comfortable warm bath or listening to your favorite music.

  Misunderstood the type of prostate massager you use?

  There are many different types of prostate massagers. Like everything, not every type of prostate massager is suitable for everyone. Getting rid of the "one for everyone" mentality and doing some research can help you choose the most suitable prostate massager for you. To make things easier, there are different types of massagers available.

  Vibrating prostate massager

  The very popular vibrating prostate massager is usually made with pleasure in mind. For beginners, it is recommended that you start small and increase the scale as your experience grows. This type of massager can be C-shaped, which can hit the prostate and perineum at the same time, or it can look like a traditional female vibrator, but with a slight curve.

  Remote control prostate massager

  It is very suitable for couples. The remote control prostate massager works in the same way as the vibrating prostate massager, but it can be controlled by a partner, allowing you to experience additional stimulation. This type of vibrator is perfect for those who try powerful games, because your partner will control your orgasm.

  Silicone prostate massager

  Silicone prostate massagers are very effective because they can achieve a slower and more controllable prostate massage path. However, because it requires a certain skill, these massagers are more suitable for those who have the time, patience and experience to practice the product.

  Stainless steel prostate massager or glass prostate massager

  Steel or glass prostate massagers provide very little "giving" during use, so they provide a firm prostate massage, which is more suitable for those who have some experience in prostate massage. However, this is not to say that beginners cannot enjoy the fun they provide. For the first use, please use it with a partner who knows how to use the product. Glass and steel can also maintain hot and cold temperatures well, so they are very suitable for temperature regulation.

  Prostate massager with cock ring

  The prostate massager with the cock ring is a double blow to the prostate game, because you will experience the incredible effect of a whole body orgasm and the intensity of a long genital orgasm. If you use it with a partner, be prepared to surprise you!

  Enter the best position for prostate massage

  It depends on the type of massager you use and your personal preferences. The posture you adopt during prostate massage will affect your experience. For beginners of prostate massage, there will be a factor of trial and error, because you need to try to find the best position for you. Some people like to lie flat with their legs open, some people like to crouch, and some massagers work best when sitting and shaking.

  Not enough lubricating oil

  If you don't have enough lubricating oil on hand, you will find that prostate massage feels uncomfortable and not so pleasant. In addition, because the rectum is not self-lubricating, you may harm the fragile tissues located in it. Before choosing a lubricant, check if it is compatible with your prostate massager and always use a lot of lubricant. Too much is better than not enough.

  Touch penis

  Although tempting, if you want to experience a real prostate orgasm, it is recommended not to touch your penis while using a prostate massager. You may find that your penis has some leakage, but once you are done, you can always masturbate shamelessly as a little treat for all your hard work.

  keep clean

  After use, even if the prostate massager looks clean, it is not. It is important to clean your prostate massager with a mild but effective sex toy cleaner. ·

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