PHANXY Rechargeable Waterproof G-spot Anal Sex Toy review

      Luxury Vibrating Anal Beads with 5 Graduating Bulbs- The vibrating butt plug is covered from tip to base with a series of beads. Let you start slow with a 0.78” tip. Work your way slowly up to the 1.4” base for a thrilling, increasing intensity in insertion. You will discover ultimate anal bliss!

  Multi-Speed 7 Powerful Vibrations- Long Press to turn it on/off, short press to change the speed; with one click, take your play to orgasmic new heights. The deeper you go, the more intense the vibrations feel. you can easily change the fun with different modes.A good foreplay tip is to rub the beads against you or your partner’s perineum (the area between genitals and anus) before insertion. Gently rubbing and massaging with the beads here can help you or a partner get used to the sensation.

  USB Rechargeable- This anal vibrator has a built-in rechargeable battery, you can easily charge the toy with your phone charger, computer or power bank using the included USB cable. You can enjoy 90-minute playing fun once 4 hours fully charged.

  Vibrating Anal Beads - Time the removal or insertion for maximu pleasure!

  Since the removal of anal beads is what makes you so pleasurable, try to time the removal of the beads to sync up with you or your partner’s peak of pleasure . At the first signs, start pulling the beads out one-by-one with a deliberate, consistent, and not-too-slow motion. Doing so will help to heighten the sensation of muscle contraction with a climax.

  Waterproof and clean easily

  The vibrating anal beads is waterproof so you can use it anywhere. Enjoy your time in bathroom. You can use running water or warm soap water for cleaning before or after use.

  Finger Loop for insertion and removal

  Finger Loop designded to hold it more easily and conveniently; flexible shaft easily bends and twists to insert more field.

  Superior & Safe Material- Made of silky-smooth silicone, safe and durable in use. Smooth silicone feels soft to touch but firmly enough to give you a delicious feeling of fullness. Meanwhile, it is easily cleaned with soap and water.
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