LOVENSE Wearable Bluetooth Stimulator for Female Adult Toys


  3 Bullet Vibrator, Female Adult Toy Upgrade Wearable Bluetooth Stimulator, Female Vibration Fan You Egg Vibrator Bullet, Small Pink Remote Control Vibrator

  ❤️Hands-free fun: LOVENSE Lush 3 is a powerful bluetooth vibrator with smooth curves and U-shaped fixed tail design to better "hug" your body and stay in place. With up to 5 hours of battery life and vibrations all over your erogenous zone, it hits your sweet spot nonstop and maximizes your pleasure.

  ❤️APP CONTROLLED: Control your Lush 3 via LOVENSE Remote APP, you can choose single player or partner control. Remote Control lets a buddy control your toy, even from miles away. This can even be applied in the app's video session to see satisfied faces and hear happy moans during playback. It's also a favorite with Cam models due to its cue-reaction feature and easy cam setup via the Lovense Connect APP and Lovense Extension.

  ❤️ Stable connection and magnetic charging: Redesigned antenna and circuit board for better connection! The Bullet Vibrator maintains a stable connection to the APP via Bluetooth and is compatible with iOS and Android, Mac and Windows PC (Windows PC requires Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter connection). In addition, it is further upgraded to a magnetic charging method, which makes charging more convenient.

  ❤️HANDLESS VIBRATION AND UNLIMITED VIBRATION: Lush 3 is a wireless silent wearable vibrator that you can play secretly in restaurants or movie theaters! Tailor vibrations to suit your body's needs. Create your own toy, program your toy, or search our library of over 100,000 unique atmospheres! In addition, alarm clocks, music synchronization, voice control... and many more unexpected functions are waiting for you to explore!

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