Love Egg's User Guide


  Love Eggs are small vibrators that look like eggs. Don't confuse them with masturbation sleeves. Insert the egg into the vaginal opening in a similar way to inserting a Kegel ball. The device typically has a latch tail or cord for quick removal, and typically has a remote control for selecting vibration modes when plugged in. You can even get mobile apps for some of them! The world of technology is fascinating!

  Love eggs are nothing new when it comes to sex toys, but they receive little attention. Their existence dates back decades. Plus, you can wear it discreetly outdoors or even at home.

  The fun factor of sexual contact and foreplay can be taken to a whole new level. Also, they are great at oral sex.

  What exactly is a love egg?

  Small discrete sex toys in the shape of bullets or eggs with their own separate controllers. A large egg-shaped vibrator is designed to rest on the G-spot when inserted into the vaginal canal. A smaller bullet vibrator is inserted into the clitoris or rests against the clitoris while it is held in place by the underwear.

  Various vibration speeds and settings can be selected using the remote or wired controller.

  There are benefits to loving eggs too. This is a Kegel exercise that involves squeezing the vaginal walls to strengthen them.

  Egg shakers are multipurpose toys because they can be used for a variety of purposes. The vibrations the eggs contain will be centered exactly where you want them to be. Therefore, placing eggs on your clitoris will stimulate and stimulate your clitoris during sex or masturbation. For vaginal penetration, an egg vibrator can be inserted securely and securely, or an anal can be used if you want to get more horny.

  Most high-quality eggs contain an internal motor that can be controlled remotely and are made of non-toxic silicone. Generally, they are compact, rechargeable, waterproof and easy to transport.

  It also works for men

  It's not just women who can benefit from love eggs. Men have the opportunity to enjoy themselves as they inject pleasure into their penis or testicles. That's why it's a great toy to introduce into a couple's game, as it contributes to the happiness of both parties.

  What made us fall in love with love eggs

  Love balls are often an underrated component of the sexual experience, but we almost never mention them! The vaginal canal has a limited number of touch-sensitive nerve endings; however, they do have pressure-sensitive nerve endings, allowing the pressure and stimulation vibrations to resonate throughout the pelvis and be very pleasing.

  Every bit of the clit network is engaging in a love egg. This set of pleasure knobs provides a pleasing pulsating pressure sensation to the clitoris, vaginal wall, peritoneal area and labia.

  Due to its smooth and large surface, the egg has a wider feel than the elongated tip typically found on vibrating penis devices with clitoral ends. Many people like it because it's more relaxing.

  Compared to regular vibrators that vibrate more strongly, this Love Egg vibrator is a bit quieter and offers more subtle vibrations. Putting on a love egg will wake you up, awaken your inner clitoris, and allow you to experience an orgasm.

  They are the perfect tease! Even more so when you hand the remote to your partner and let him make the decision.

  The feeling of inserting the love egg lubricated is simply amazing, there really is nothing like it!

  How to Satisfy Your Lust with Love Eggs

  Eggs are usually easy to insert, and it is recommended that you use as much lubricant as possible to ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible. Essentially, love eggs stimulate your vaginal walls, G-spot, and give a "full" pleasure when you wear them.

  You don't need to worry about losing your sex toy in the vagina, because the eggs come with a retrieval cord.

  The key fob is now ready to use. Browse through all the settings, from soft to strong vibration and everything in between.

  Consider wearing your egg in public and sharing the remote with your partner to make it even more fun. The remote lets you choose between gentle, intense or alternating vibrations depending on your mood or that of your partner.

  With a single click of the remote, you can adjust the speed and intensity of the vibration.

  The range of the remote control vibrator (the distance between the control and the vibrator still works) is more than 10 meters and can be used in public or for couples to play.

  With almost no noise, you can use these vibrators at home, in public or while traveling. Under the muffled conversation and music in a restaurant or supermarket, you won't even notice it. It's even more enjoyable if you share the controller with your buddies in a nightclub or bar!

  Traveling is boring unless you have a remote control love egg! This little controller fits in a purse or briefcase.

  Wouldn't it be nice to tie up a lover, blindfold, and use vibrating love eggs? They may not know when it will click, but they will feel it!

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