Learn about your 7 favorite sex toys

Learn about your 7 favorite sex toys


  Does your nightstand hide a sex toy or has it taken up your entire drawer. There are many types of sex toys, and there is something for everyone. From classic dildos to beastly butt plugs, we've looked at seven different sex toys and what we think your preferences might indicate your personality. 


  Like the toy you choose, you're practical, efficient, and adept at getting straight to the point. After all, why overcomplicate something you can easily and gracefully handle with ease? Both you and your favorite toys are good at interrupting chores and getting things done.

  That's not to say you're bored, though. Just as classic vibes can pack the biggest punch, there's probably a lot more to you than you've seen.


  Appearances can be deceiving, and your bullet vibrator says it more than anything!

  Sure, it's small and discreet, but when that baby is born, it won't be missed.

  Likewise, those who only know you may think you're a little timid or not very easygoing, but those closest to you know the truth - there's a wildness in you that has to be seen to believe, and only a lucky few can Really see the depth.

  Butt plug

  What is life without adventure?

  Whether it's a new restaurant in town, a class you've never heard of, a fictional world, no matter what a new book, movie or game you can spend a few days exploring, no matter what it is, you're new things live.

  It's fine for some people who are happy to never try more "outside" toys in a lifetime, but as much as you love your plug, you need more.

  Standard daily life will never be fully satisfied for you, it's a blessing and a curse, but you take life from the unspeakable and run with it wherever it takes you .

  Cock ring

  Few people get as much joy from helping others as they do themselves, but you are one of them.

  The most sought-after attribute of a penis ring is the mutual feeling it provides that stimulates you and your partner in equal measure, and in a similar way, it gets you through yours knowing you've brightened someone else's day.

  Be careful though. Just like a penis ring worn on just one person won't reach its full potential, you should also take care to take care of yourself and others to the same degree—if you don't do both, you won't do anything either.


  strength! If there's one thing these giant super toys have to do with it, it's pure, sheer power, and you're no exception. Once you are in your process, no one can stop you. Like a magic wand, you can be a little over the top with some people at times, but when you click on someone, they can be sure they've become lifelong friends.

  No matter what life goes on, you can keep trying, although sometimes you may take on more than your fair share of work and other people's problems.


  Sometimes the classics really are the best. You know how to give it your all and get things done, but you are fully capable of stepping in and taking charge when the situation calls for it. You can be a perfectionist and can be overly perfect at times, but when something needs to be done, you get it done and do it to the best of your ability.

  Even if you look the craziest, deep down you are calm and in control - it takes a lot to overwhelm you. Make sure you take the time to enjoy and relax though, because sometimes you may be the last person to realize how tired you are.

  The rabbit

  Ubiquitous and typical, rabbits are often considered the ultimate sex toy, and for good reason.

  Some toys have power, some have precision, some fill your whole body with sensation, and some make your clitoris sing with joy. Rabbits do everything. You're also an excellent multitasker, and not too big for any job to try.

  For you, life is life. Unique experience, the best, if not enjoyment, what is life? You take the same approach to your work. If you're going to do something, it's going to be your standard, and they never let up.

  Sometimes you can be too hard on yourself and take on too much at once, but whether it's determination or the support of friends, you can always recover.

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