KUUVAL Lifelike Size Male Love Doll

        This male masturbator toy is made of high-quality TPE material. The skeleton is placed well out of the way and there is no danger to the user or the skeleton.Both channels have realistic 3D textures, but the vag*na and anus are two separate existences, Two different channels of the love doll will give you a different sexu*l experience.Both entrances are very comfortable to use in various positions.

  ღLike The Real Thing

  The sex doll is actually really fun, and wiggles around in a cool way. The male masturbator doll compared to other strokes, it's nice having the size and weight. Especially the inside,the touching and texture, you will feels so real.This is a life savor.

  ღTwo Holes Pussy Ass Design

  Pussy ass and anal buff masturbator in one. Two tight separate channels like virgin vagina, lifelike textured, and ribbed tunnel stimulation on the dick with each Pussy sting, bring you the marvelous sexual experience.

  ღMedical Body-Safe Skin

  This Men Masturbator Toy is made of high quality TPE material.So the weight really feels like a human butt, and the material of the sex butt is very soft feels like real skin. Insert Length:above 6”.

  ღAbsorption Stick For Easy Drying

  Pocket pussy ass provide a drying stick which is made from diatomite for easy drying.The open-ended design makes the sex doll easy to clean.For the first time, you have to rinse it thoroughly inside and out, after that, you are good to go.
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