Whenever women cannot get an orgasm during sex, they begin to desire other means to obtain happiness. The vibrator should be the most sought-after item. You know, many single women can't stand the loneliness at night, and they spend it in their company. However, to make the most of your new toy, you must understand exactly how to use it and find a product that suits you.

  There are many ways to use vibrators

      It is definitely a good thing for people to try different kinds of sexual experiences, including using vibrators or other ways to enjoy sex. When you press yourself, you can change your body posture or the way you press more; you can try lubricating oil, but please don't use it continuously for a long time; you can also use the vibrating stick at intervals to increase the pleasure.

  If it has been a long time since the last time you tried oral sex, then dare to ask your partner, can you bend your knees, kneel down, and do something new? By constantly changing the way you experience sex, your body and mind will be easier Respond to the stimulus, and the sexual pleasure comes more vigorously. The same applies to the use of vibrators!

  Correct use method

       If this is your first time, please take some time to "warm up" and get yourself excited. This will be very interesting! Caress your own body, caress your labia and clitoris with your fingers... In short: Before starting that stick, start yourself.

  I suggest you use lubricating oil in conjunction with it, which can help the vibrator to slide in gently.

  Okay, grab your vibrator now. Adjust the frequency to the lowest, and lightly touch the clitoris. For some people, it feels almost nothing; for others, it feels so strong that it’s about to roll off the bed. The sensitivity of the nucleus varies from person to person. If this minimum intensity is unbearable for you, try to hold the labia so that it does not directly touch the clitoris; or take a towel or blanket to separate the vibrator from you, or simply wear underwear. If you need higher intensity, then slowly increase the frequency. All in all, you need to find a moderate frequency.

  The most comfortable place to play. Some people like the front and center of the clitoris, while others like indirect contact (sneaking in rather than rushing in). Imagine your clitoris is a delicious apple pie cut into four pieces. You have to try them one by one and compare the different tastes.

  When you find the best intensity, try different vibration modes (if available). Experience each mode and find the one you like best. Although it is not a certain pattern that will surely make you soar into the sky, many women find that they have a preference. Of course, if you are confused about the various modes, then use the regular mode.

  It is very interesting to try different intensities and modes, but if you are ready to meet the climax, then you will definitely want to maintain a certain optimal state. When the vibrator enters, let it touch the clitoris and start working. You may find that your body is slightly squirming, which is normal. Let your body react naturally

  Use it on all parts of your body

       Although the vibrator does a lot of work for you, it is still a manual process that requires a little effort if you want to achieve a full orgasm. Everyone is different, so we will not tell you to follow a fixed positioning pattern, but it is worth noting that in some areas, I think it is too powerful and more annoying than pleasure.

  If this is the case, change the speed setting or move it to other parts of the body. Do not think that it must be used on the genitals immediately, because sex toys can be used to stimulate many parts of the body. If you decide to buy massagers, they can be used on the whole body as well as your partner, providing a deep and powerful feeling.

  The neck is particularly easy to touch and is a known sexy area on the body. To take advantage of this, lie on the bed and slowly place the sex toy in the lowest position on both sides of the neck. This may sound strange, but avoiding the clitoris may ultimately be beneficial. This sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Avoid the parts of the body that have proven to be the most sensitive-but that's why. Many women find through the use of sex toys that excessive stimulation of the clitoris with a vibrator can cause some discomfort.

  In fact, it may be worthwhile to stimulate the clitoris indirectly from above or even from the side to achieve a similar effect without unnecessary stimulation. The more you get used to the new vibrator, the more likely you will find that it is your business to directly stimulate the clitoris; it's all about investigation.

  In the first few attempts, using a vibrator is an intense and usually unusual process, but after you find a method that suits you, you will start to enjoy the fun it brings, and perhaps you cannot do without it.

  Pick a vibrator

  Of course, the vibrator must also consider quality factors, and choose safe and appropriate ones. Things that are too large will cause discomfort, and things that are too small will not have the effects you are desperately looking for. There are a range of different materials, colors and functions to choose from, depending on your preferences.
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