How To Use the Wand Massager?

How To Use the Wand Massager?


        When it comes to feeling good vibrations, a wand massager is a good choice. The wand massager, also known as the wand vibrator, is one of the most powerful sex toys. Maybe you don’t know enough about it. I hope this article can help you understand the happy guide to using magic wand sex toys.

  How to use the wand massager

        Whether you are most interested in traditional body massage, external games or internal stimulation, always know that there is an accessory that can help you solve this problem. Here are 5 creative ways to turn your wand massager into the most versatile sex toy!

  1. Actually give yourself a back massage

  "This is a back massager!" There is indeed a certain truth. Most wand massagers have round heads and long handles. The head of the wand can usually bend and bend with your body, so that the massager can conform to the natural contours of your body and make it easy to operate.

  It is not shameful to use your magic wand to make your stones fall, but it is not shameful to use it to get rid of tension in other places. Some magic wand massagers are even better than mainstream back massagers in soothing muscle soreness or back knots. This acupressure deep tissue attachment turns your magic wand into the ultimate back massage tool to relieve muscle tension.

  2. Use the magic wand during scissors or when releasing a forced orgasm

  Rubbing two clitoris together can be an exciting and enjoyable experience-but it can also be a pretty good exercise! If you want a more leisurely experience, try inserting a wand vibrator between you and your partner's vulva.

  Place the wand massager between you and your partner's vulva during lesbian sex

  You can also go the other way and let your partner take full control of the intensity and explore the potential of forced orgasm.

  3. Practice squirting or prostate games with wand attachment

  The powerful vibrating force of the wand can cause you to moan that you didn't even expect. Now add a magic wand accessory, such as Le Wand ripple for G-point stimulation or magic wand curve. For P-point fun, the possibilities are almost endless.

  Learn how to use the wand massager to jet

  The combination of omnipotent vibration, internal and external stimuli makes you have a wonderful time!

  4. Move your wand along the underside of the penis

  If you are a transgender person or like couple games, the bump on the back of the penis will cause extra attention. You can gently move the wand from the lace to the bottom of the shaft and then back again, pausing occasionally to extend the experience.

  Use the wand massager on the penis strap for a higher level of sensation

  If your genitals feel too sensitive to make contact with your skin, try the same action through underwear or sheets. Here are 5 amazing ways to use a vibrator to get penis pleasure.

  5. Use it for full-feeling games and edges

  Wand massagers are incredible sensory toys, especially when you pair them with eye masks. Talk to your partner about which part of your body and the level of intensity you like and dislike, then cover your eyes and let your partner feel your atmosphere. Let them design your wonderful adventure-anticipation is half the fun!

  Another suggestion is to let your partner produce erotic tension or pleasure until the orgasm is near, and then withdraw completely. If you want to know why someone would do this, this is called hemming.

  The two most important tips for using the wand massager

       1. Warm up is important

  Like all enjoyable sexual activities, foreplay and warm-up are essential. Before adding any vibration, touch yourself to let the blood flow to your genitals. When you give your body time to warm up, you may find new and exciting places to touch (with or without a magic wand). The more blood flow you encourage, the more intense your orgasm will become.

  Find out the two most important things when using the wand massager

  2. Don't stop moving!

  Due to the strong vibration of the wand massager, some people find that putting the wand in one place for a short period of time can cause numbness. It is important to remember that you will not damage or desensitize nerves. If you feel unconscious, step back and let your body take a break from the vibration.

  To avoid this, please move the massager over the entire vulva or penis. Make a circle, up and down, or left to right. You can even stimulate the sensitive nerve endings around the anus-if this idea excites you, look at the anus!

  When you get a well-deserved break from all these delicious rumbling activities, pick up your microphone (we mean the magic wand) and express your best impression of Mariah Carey (hey, we told you it is versatile !).
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