How to use couples vibrators?

How to use couples vibrators?


  Even if you're very familiar with how to use a sex toy while masturbating, pulling out a toy with your partner can feel completely different. While it's not an exact science, you may have some questions about how to get started. Fortunately, in many ways, using a toy with a partner isn't much different than using a toy on yourself. In fact, you can also use most masturbation toys in cooperative play.

  Couples vibrators were created to improve intimacy and sexuality between partners. The woman gets a powerful g-spot and clitoral stimulation, and the couple enjoys a good vibe together. But how do you use a couple vibrator? What are the benefits of using a couples vibrator? These problems will be solved because now we are here to help you discover couples vibrators.

  How to Use a Couples Vibrator

  Trying a couples vibrator for the first time can be confusing. Different couples have different ways of using the toy, so it all comes down to personal preference. Just make sure the toy is properly cleaned before you start using it.

  1 Make sure you are powered on.

  Couples vibrators aren't the only things that should be turned on to work properly. You should also be aroused before the atmosphere touches your clitoris, otherwise, it may make you uncomfortable when you use it. Let your partner first touch your nipples or make fun of you by sliding a vibrating toy along your thighs and other erogenous zones.

  2 Combine the use of a couple vibrator with other sensations.

  You have a lightweight and flexible vibrator in your hand, make the most of it. Use toys and combine them with other senses. For example, you can insert a toy and get some good licking on your clit at the same time. Or you can press it against your clitoris and let your partner touch you. You can even use it for shower games. Just make sure it's waterproof.

  3 Investment foreplay

  Invest in different foreplay techniques with a couple vibrator.

  Fun blowjob: You can wear a couple vibrator while giving your husband blowjob or handjob, so you can have fun too. Simply insert the internal stimulator into your vagina and put on tight underwear to ensure the external stimulator is firmly pressed against your clitoris. Give your partner a remote and let him control the intensity of the vibrations you receive.

  For penis stimulation: You can also have your partner wear a vibrator. Wrap the vibrator around the base of his penis so that the ends touch the testicles. Then he can give you some delicious tongue sex or manual stimulation. Now it's your turn to hold the remote and control the good vibrations your partner receives.

  For long-distance love: There are some couples vibrators that can be powered remotely. If you have this vibe, you can connect with your partner almost anywhere in the world. Insert the vibrator and put on a pair of panties, allowing the external vibrator to hug your clitoris. That's it! You just let your partner use the vibrator's app to control stimulation from wherever he is. enjoy!

  4 Use a Couples Vibrator During Sex

  As we said, you can use a pair of vibrators to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris. To do this, wear the couple's vibrator while having sex with your partner in missionary sex positions. That way, your g-spot and clitoris are covered, and at the same time, your partner can share in the good vibe you get.

  Keep your love alive with a couple vibrator

  Be sure to ask your partner's permission before you start using Couples Vibe. As much as you think this toy can be a great addition to your sex game, it still depends on what they think. Consent is always important. It's important to ask your partner first when having sex and using sex toys. You shouldn't force them or force them to do things they don't want to do. But hopefully by reading this, you can convince your partner to try it with you.

  It's always good to try new things together. It's always a good idea to spice up your bedroom romance with new toys you find. But as with all new things, you always have to check each other out. what do you like? what do you dislike? Always be wary of each other's sexual enjoyment. Also, ask each other what you should improve next time. Anything to tweak next time? Keep communication open between the two of you, and of course, using a couple vibrator can be a positive experience for both of you!

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