How to use anal vibrators?

How to use anal vibrators?


  Anal play of any kind is a sensitive and extremely private topic for many people. However, I feel this type of article is crucial for anyone curious about anal play and using anal vibrators or any kind of anal toy. but why?

  Frankly, you can't just shove anything into your ass without a little education and guidance.

  What is an anal vibrator?

  An anal vibrator is just a toy designed for your anus and it also vibrates. Whether your toys are traditional butt plugs, anal beads or prostate massager shapes, when they have the ability to vibrate, they are anal vibrators.

  (You can even use a traditional vaginal vibrator like a bunny vibrator on your butt if you want - as long as your toy has a flared base or finger loops to stop it disappearing into the distance, you're good to go .

  If you have a vulva, be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect any toys in your butt before placing them near your vagina, as anal bacteria can disrupt the delicate balance of your vagina. )

  1. Relax and get rid of stigma

  Believe it or not, any form of anal sex is generally considered taboo or only associated with porn and homosexuality. However, it is not.

  You see, both men and women have genital areas that are combined with blood vessels and excitable nerve endings. And, since the anus is just below, surrounding our naughty parts, it also wants to get involved and respond by sending a tingling of pleasure all over the area, resulting in a strong and surprisingly powerful orgasm.

  Plus, men have the added benefit of having a prostate. Accessible directly through the rectum, this wonderful little spot should be labeled "touch here for orgasm" because it triggers an extremely deep and powerful orgasm.

  So take it easy and let go of the stigma. Bottom game doesn't mean you're doomed to an afterlife in hell, nor does it mean you're a sexual pervert or pervert. Instead, you're a curious, exciting sexual being who simply seeks greater thrills from things that are already good.

  2. Anal vibrators and cleanliness

  Since there are many articles on how to use anal vibrators, they rarely cover the topic of cleaning. Yes, this is definitely a concern for people! Some people often ask, "Will I poop on my partner's penis?" Or, they're curious if their anal vibrator or sex toy gets dirty.

  Well, the answer is, yes, it can happen.

  However, there are things you can do to avoid feces on sex toys, on the bed, and on your partner.

  ● Make sure you have completely emptied your bowels that day

  ●You can use a mini enema or anal douche before any anal play

  ● Put the condom on your anal vibrator, sex toy or partner

  ● Keep a pack of personal wipes nearby for a quick cleanup

  3. Use the correct lubricant

  The anus and colon do not produce natural lubricants like the rest of the body. Therefore, it is important to use the proper lubricant to make anal play comfortable and to avoid minor cuts, tears, and hip injuries.

  You should use this lubricant liberally.

  Be sure to use the correct type of lubricant for your anal vibrator. If your anal vibrator or sex toy is made of silicone (most are), always use a water-based lubricant so that it doesn't break down the material and cause tiny cracks and tears where harmful bacteria can hide.

  Look for water-based lubes formulated specifically for anal play, as they have a thicker consistency and last longer.

  However, if your anal vibrator or toy is made of any other non-porous material such as wood, metal, stainless steel, or glass, you can use oil-based and silicone-based lubricants formulated for anal sex.

  4. Start small

  When using an anal vibrator for the first time, it's important to start small, training your body to relax and accept something without pain and discomfort. So choose a small vibrating butt plug, a graduated anal bead (start small and get bigger), or a thin anal vibrator.

  Once you learn to relax and get used to having something slip into your back, you can gradually increase the size of the anal vibrator. A good tip is to find an anal training kit that includes anal vibrators from small to large.

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