How to Use Anal Sex Toys Safely and Pleasantly

How to Use Anal Sex Toys Safely and Pleasantly

  If you like venturing into the anal area, that's totally fine. That's a lot of fun, why not try it?

  But if you like it, please, please, please try anal play safely - so you don't join the long list of having to go to the hospital with something stuck in your anal tunnel. By safe, we mean only use toys specially designed for anal play (no random household items or vegetables please), lubricate and take your time.

  There's nothing embarrassing about being interested in anal sex. But you have to use anal toys correctly. So keep reading.

  Use only toys designed for anal play

  Ordinary dildos and vibrators designed for vaginal use tend to be straight and narrow, which means they can easily get stuck inside when used anal. That's why you always need to make sure you're using a toy designed for anal play.

  These bases act as "plugs" that keep the toy from getting stuck inside. You can also try a specially designed prostate massager, which is not only safe but also a great beginner toy for stimulating the anus. Make sure you never put anything in your butt or anyone else's unless it has a flared base. So no cucumbers, non-anal vibrators or bulbs. Just a butt plug and a toy made for the bum.

  Always use plenty of lubricating oil

  If you're using a silicone toy, make sure to use a non-silicone lube so your toy won't get damaged over time.

  There are lubes designed specifically for the anus (mostly for cooling, numbing effects), but most water-based lubes will do the trick.

  Make sure to discuss anal play before trying it

  If you're going to try anal play with your partner, you need to discuss it first. Surprise anal won't work. It's a pain, and, it won't work. If you don't relax, it's going to be hard to put anything in there.

  Both partners need to know the basic rules of anal: don't force anything, take it slow, and stop if it hurts.

  Also, you may want to get some advance warning before it happens to make sure you feel comfortable and clean. Yes, we're talking about dumping and then gently putting your fingers inside yourself in the shower to make sure nothing lingers.

  Build slowly

  Start small and use a narrow butt plug or clean fingers. After you get used to it, you can slowly work up to a slightly larger size. You need to do that accumulation. You can't go straight in with a big gun.

  Relax and have fun

  The key to great anal play is to relax and enjoy it. If you're nervous, it's not going to feel good.

  Remember: sex is for fun. If you don't like anal play, you don't have to. But if the idea excites you, go ahead, talk about it, learn about it, and do it (safely). It can be brilliant.

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