How to Use a Suction Cup Dildos?

How to Use a Suction Cup Dildos?



      How many times have you played with a vibrator and wished you could ride it? Or, how many times have you wanted to free up your hands for other purposes, like stimulating your nipples or using a sub-stretch toy on your clitoris? Or do you wish you could put your toy deep inside your body and leave it there for the insertion experience? How about living out the ultimate fantasy and having a trio? Well, if any of these things appeal to you, Suction Cup dildo is a great option!

  Once you've chosen your toy for the night, it's time to learn how to use a suction dildo. There are several techniques to choose from on how to ride a dildo, so you can try them all or stick with your favorites.

  Choose a private place and a safe mounting surface

  The first step in using a sucker dildo is to choose the area where you want to use it. Any of the options we've described above will work just fine, but you can also try it anywhere else you like, as long as it's a private place that ensures you can spend your time masturbating without any unnecessary interference. Wipe down the area where you plan to install the toy to make sure it's free of any dirt or debris.

  clean your toys

  Even if you thoroughly cleaned the toy after its last use, you should clean your toy before use. Toys can pick up dust and grime even when stored in a drawer or case, so it's a good idea to clean all of these things off your dildo before you start. Use some mild soap and warm water or a special toy cleaner. Then dry thoroughly. Now your toy is ready to use.

  Install it

  Install your toy in a designated area of ​​your choice. Apply suction to the surface and press down to make sure it seals properly. If you're using a bedside table, chair, or other surface to straddle, check that the dildo is positioned correctly so it's comfortable to use. For walls, mirrors, or other vertical areas, you also need to determine if it fits your body. If the positioning is incorrect, remove the dildo, adjust the position, and reattach.

  Warm yourself up

  Warming up is a must when using any type of dildo. Not only does this set the mood, but it also gets those inner juices flowing. There are many ways to do this, although you might want to start by dimming the lights, turning on some music, or even lighting some candles. You can also try reading some erotic books or watching porn to get you in the mood. If you're alone, touching your body, including your breasts, legs, neck, and vaginal area is also a great way to get yourself excited. If you're with a partner, some foreplay is a great way to start any type of sex, with or without toys. You don't need to spend a long time warming up. A few minutes should be enough to get you up and ready to go.

  Don't Forget Lubricant

  Before you start, you should lubricate your sucker dildo to make sure it slides in easily and lets you move freely. You do need to be careful when choosing lube, as you can't use every available lube for every toy. Water-based lubricants are safe to use on all of your sex toys, but silicone-based lubricants can damage silicone toys, so be sure to check the material of the toy before using it.

  Sit up slowly

  No matter how much you warm up or use lube, you still need to start using your toys slowly, as you would with a man. Relax yourself and get used to how it feels inside you before starting the movement. This is especially important if a sucker dildo is used for the anus, as this area is tighter and requires a little more refinement when inserting the dildo.

  Start moving

  Once the dildo is inside you and you are comfortable with it, you can start moving. There are a few tricks you can use, but it's best to start slowly and work your way up to faster, rougher movements. One technique you can try is shallow thrusting, which stimulates your G-spot and clitoris. You can start slow and then speed up your thrusts as needed to give you those amazing orgasms. You can also try these deep thrusts, pushing the dildo in as comfortable as possible, then pulling it out again over and over again. As with shallow thrusts, you should start slowly and gradually increase to faster speeds to stimulate your G-spot. You can even alternate between shallow thrust and deep thrust for some variation. Milking the G-spot is another great technique, which is accomplished by running the dildo along the top of your vagina and pushing it in to stimulate your G-spot. You should move in short, sharp movements that work well and give you a powerful orgasm. You can also try dual stimulation, where you stimulate your clitoris with your fingers while the dildo works on your G-spot.

  While you can use your favorite sucker dildo almost anywhere, there are some places you should avoid. A hard, flat, smooth surface provides a tight seal for your suction cups, but the uneven texture doesn't allow the suction cups to stick so tightly, creating air pockets that can make them impossible to hold, especially after you start using them it. You should also avoid any soft areas, such as pillows, rugs, bean bags, or even wooden chairs with upholstered seats. The suckers won't even get close to these. Smaller movable items are also not a good option since you need something that stays put while you use it, especially for those rough sessions.

  There are many shapes, sizes and materials used for dildos, which allow you to spice up your masturbation in every way imaginable. To be a little more real, many people are learning how to play solo with sucker dildos, as these toys can be used hands-free in almost any area of ​​your home. These toys can be attached to any hard, smooth, flat surface, allowing you to try virtually any position you like. You can even add them to your couple's sessions for simulated threesome action without bringing in actual extras. With so many options, there's no reason not to add one of these amazing sex toys to your collection

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