How to use a Double Ended Dildos?


     Double-ended dildos may seem a little intimidating at first, but we promise they really aren't. If you like penetration and enjoy using a dildo, you can try using a dildo with your partner or yourself. This unique sex toy creation offers more of a one-of-a-kind feeling. If we got your attention, keep reading this guide on double-ended dildos and find out what kind of pleasure pursuits can be achieved with these never-ending toys.

    What is a double headed dildo?

      A normal dildo has the typical shape of a male penis and has a base, shaft, and for some, a ball at the base; only one end has a cock's head, and that's the side that can be inserted inside you for internal pleasure. However, with a double dildo, there is no base like a typical dildo. Instead, both ends can be played alone or as a couple, making them fully versatile sex toys to expand your sexual experience. These unique joysticks can be longer than traditional dildos, and they're often marketed for lesbians, but male-female or male-male partners can also add these double-ended holes for their mutual pleasure.

  But what's so great about these double-ended holes? In addition to being able to provide you with incredible internal stimulation, they can also be used for all kinds of sexual play from anus to vagina. You can use the flexible double dildo for simultaneous anal and vaginal penetration with yourself, or you and your lover can use the dildo for exciting bedroom games. If you use a double dildo on yourself, you will experience the thrill of double penetration. You can also use this toy to see how far you can go.

    How to use a double headed dildo?

      To make it easier for you to use these double-headed dongs, we've created a simple guide here for your reference:

  For individuals: If you use a double penetration dildo yourself, you can use it in a number of ways. With a single elongated dildo, you can use it for deep anal or vaginal penetration, or bend the dildo to the middle while inserting the ends into the vagina or back door. You can control the dildo from the center (bend area) and push it in and out of the hole.

  For couples: Double dildos offer couples more options than using them on their own. For lesbians, try vaginal-vaginal, anal-anal, or anal-vaginal penetration; for heterosexual couples, vaginal-anal or anal-anal is your choice; for gay couples, double-anal penetration is from a double-ended dildo The best way to have all the fun you want.

  When it comes to being in a position where you should be comfortable using your dildo and have better control over it, there are two main positions you can try: dog pose (on all fours), sitting up and pushing your body with your hands or lying down and raising your body The hips push the toy in and out of your body. You and your partner can also enter different positions. For example, one can be on all fours, one can lie down; one is on all fours, pushing toys in and out of the lying partner. Getting the movement and rhythm right with your partner takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it's definitely worth the experience!

  Always lubricate before trying these dildos with your partner or yourself, especially if you plan to use the dildo for anal stimulation for better sex with your adult toys or with your partner.
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