How to Try a Penis Ring Safely

How to Try a Penis Ring Safely


       Choose rings for beginners that are soft, stretchy and easy to remove. Use the smallest contraction size that still holds and helps maintain an erection. It is recommended to wear the ring when the penis is flaccid or only semi-erect. Use lube to make it easier to slip on the ring, then continue to stimulate the penis until it becomes erect.

  If you want to wear your rings on your testicles, Hall recommends sliding them in one at a time. Remember: the fit should be comfortable but not uncomfortable.

  For erectile dysfunction

  The best way to use a cock ring to help treat ED depends on your specific problem.

  If you can get an erection but have difficulty maintaining it, you can try a penis ring. If you have difficulty getting an erection, you may need to use a ring with a penis pump.

  After pumping blood into the penis, place the ring around the base of the penis before removing the pump. An erection should last long enough to have sex. It is normal to have a slight bruise afterwards.

  safety measures

  Because the penis ring restricts blood flow, it is important that you do not wear it for more than 20 minutes. First, only wear one for 5 minutes at a time to give yourself time to get used to the feeling. If you feel uncomfortable, remove it immediately.

  If you use a penis ring as a sexual aid for erectile dysfunction, make sure you have discussed your symptoms with your doctor. There are many health conditions that can cause ED or make it worse, including heart disease, diabetes, alcohol problems, and mental health issues. It's important to get help for these conditions rather than using sex toys to mask symptoms.

  Also, if you are taking blood thinning medication or have a bleeding disorder, consult your doctor before use.

  Do not fall asleep while using the ring, and do not use it when you are impaired by drugs or alcohol. It can lead to potential injury.

  Allow at least 60 minutes between uses.

  Maintenance and Cleaning

  Remember that sex toys can transmit STDs. You may also be at risk for other types of infections if you don't clean them properly.

  For most toys, water and mild dish soap or antibacterial hand sanitizer should do the trick. If your device vibrates or otherwise drains power, you may not want to submerge it in water, but make sure to clean it thoroughly with soap and a damp cloth.

  For further instructions, see the instructions on the sex toy label. At the very least, it should list materials that may require special attention.

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