How to recommend sex toys to your friends


  A friend in need is indeed a friend - but what about when your friend needs a sex toy?

  You may consider yourself a seasoned sex toy lover, but that doesn't mean every one of your best friends is on your level. We may have come a long way, but there is still a stigma surrounding sex toys.

  That's why, if your BFF asks for help purchasing their first sex toy, you are obligated to support their quest!

  Read on and let us help you help your friends.

  reach blog

  For a gentler approach, try sharing the DDZMD blog with your close friends. There are hundreds of articles on our blog that explain the whole sex toy hodgepodge and tackle a variety of sensitive topics.

  For couples who want to explore their kinks but are currently flying solo? How to explore sex toys while single should give them some inspiration.

  keep things simple

  You really can't go wrong with a bullet vibrator. Bullet vibrations are non-penetrating and can be used to stimulate almost any erogenous zone of the body, making them one of the most versatile sex toys around.

  What's more, the bullet vibration is fairly inconspicuous. Your friend might be reluctant to buy a purple dildo vibrator for their first sex toy (but if they're comfortable, we've got it here).

  If your friends are looking for something discreet, let them know about bullet vibrators. Good things come in small packages.

  Joke (but not true)

  Sometimes our friends need our intervention. If your bestie has been debating whether to buy their first sex toy for a while, why not give them a fun gift to get them going in the right direction? Discussions about sex and sex toys can be so serious or confusing that people forget that it's okay to laugh and have fun during sex games.

  Gifts like vibrator molding kits are perfect. Outside, gifts like this seem lighthearted and a little cheeky. In fact, it can encourage your friends to be more comfortable with their bodies and communicate more effectively with their partners.

  A DIY of this caliber might seem intimidating, but if you read about the sex toy I never thought I'd try: Clone Willie, you'll find it's easy!

  for bathing beauties

  Each group of friends has a member who is completely bathed in beauty. You know the friend I'm talking about - obsessed with bath bombs, loves their essential oils and bubble baths, carries their book or laptop, and lives in the bathroom almost all night permanently.

  Is this friend already comfortable in an aquatic environment? So, it makes sense to steer them towards something waterproof, like a rechargeable mini G-spot vibrator.

  Everything about this atmosphere is reassuring. It's small, user-friendly, and multiple speeds are controlled by a simple button. Designed with the first penetration game in mind, recommend Ooh Yeah!

  ass stuff

  If your BFF talks about wanting to try anal sex, why not send them a link to the Butt Plug?

  Buying your first sex toy can be nerve-wracking, then buying your first ass toy can be another level.

  Getting to know the Butt Plug might be all the encouragement your friend needs to explore their body further.

  You'll know you have a special bond when a friend trusts you enough to discuss their decision about sex toys with you. Note that they probably don't want to read any articles or hear any product recommendations, as long as you listen to them it's enough.

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