How to masturbate in the shower?


  Masturbation has always been a taboo subject, but recently, the world has become more open to talking about it. Granted, masturbation is a very mundane task and should never make you feel ashamed for participating.

  Many people use religion to make women uncomfortable about masturbating, but when you masturbate, you are doing what comes naturally. Masturbation is a healthy behavior, not only for your body but also for your mental health. It helps with apparent frustration and refreshes your mind.

  One of the best places to masturbate is during a long, hot shower with warm water running down your body in complete privacy.

  Part 1. How to masturbate in the shower?

  I'm sure you've tried all the different sex positions, maybe even in the shower?

  There are many other positions and positions to try while masturbating. Shower is one of my first choices. Why? Because the flow of water from your nipples to your clit excites me.

  After learning these 7 bath masturbation tips, you can enjoy shower masturbation just like me.

  So let's dive into the wonders of shower masturbation.

  Tip 1. Shower Masturbation

  Shower masturbation can be a game changer if you have the right tools, such as the right type of shower head. The first task is to install a handheld shower head in your shower.

  First, place the shower head on or around your clitoris.

  Find the right intensity, adjust your shower head settings, or turn on the faucet and play until you find a pleasing water pressure.

  Next, find the right temperature for you. A slightly warmer temperature creates a warm and fuzzy feeling and helps you reach the big O faster.

  Once the water pressure and temperature are correct, move the shower head until you reach the shower head orgasm.

  Tip 2. Use sex toys

  Once you're in the shower and starting to relax, grab your favorite sex toy and bring it into the shower.

  Start by caressing your body. You invoke a hormonal response that helps your body prepare by touching your body. Lathering yourself with soap allows you to connect your entire body and cleanse at the same time.

  Play with your sex toys. If your toy of choice is a vibrator or dildo, you can start rubbing it around your vulva and clitoris.

  Continue to touch yourself and use your sexuality until you orgasm.

  Tip 3. Use your fingers

  You can always orgasm in the shower with a dependable hand. Find a good lube and put the right amount on your fingers. Slide your fingers along the sides of the clitoris and then slowly down.

  Put your fingers inside and go in and out at any speed you like. You can adjust the speed at any time.

  It's only a matter of time before you reach a wonderful wet orgasm.

  Tip 4. Masturbate while sitting in the shower

  Numerous studies have been done to show orgasm in relaxed and seated positions. Taking a step back and finding a seated position in the shower may give you a more intense orgasm.

  If your shower has steps, sit on the seat with your legs extended and enough room to reach your vagina. If you don't have a shower step, use a chair that will get wet and apply the same concept. Explore yourself with your hands or a waterproof vibrator.

  Tip 5. Set the mood

  Dim the lights, light a few candles, and put on some sultry music. Setting emotions during sex is common, so why not use it for self-pleasure? Treating yourself with something as simple as setting your emotions can help you mentally prepare and activate your brain.

  You deserve to be treated well and being extra careful while masturbating can help you love yourself more. This allows you to understand your body, and this tip works wonders when you know how to masturbate in the shower.

  Tip 6. Take it slow

  You spend time in the shower for monthly shaves (don't lie, no one can shave every day) or pampering sessions. Apply the same concept when masturbating, don't rush the big O. Let her come naturally and calmly. Enjoy the feeling of intimacy with yourself. By tasting time, you can enjoy more and more time.

  Tip 7. Sudden temperature changes

  When trying to orgasm in the shower head, suddenly change the temperature. When you go from super hot water on your clitoris to icy cold water, you activate your parasympathetic nervous system. When it is activated, your genitals will suddenly gushes of blood and a burst of energy.

  Part 2. Is it bad to masturbate in the shower?

  Currently, there are no studies showing that masturbation in the shower is bad. In fact, masturbation to orgasm brings many benefits to women. For example, orgasm makes us happier and more relaxed. Now that you've learned how to masturbate in the shower, give it a try.

  However, masturbating in the shower when sick may not be good. For example, masturbation in the shower can be harmful when you have a urinary tract infection, vaginitis, or after surgery.

  Part 3. How do women masturbate in the shower?

  Women have plenty of ways to entertain themselves in the shower.

  1. Shower masturbation can easily reach orgasm. Use your imagination.

  2. If you have a tub, women can masturbate over the edge of the hump.

  3. Use a vibrator to stimulate the clitoris.

  4. Finger fuck yourself for orgasm.

  5. Place the curtain between the buttocks and rub the clitoris until orgasm is reached. Clean towels are nice too.

  6. Hand fuck yourself with a dildo.

  Final thoughts

  You can masturbate almost anywhere, in your car, in bed, in public toilets, even in your garden. But there is one place where you can create a masturbation environment like no other, and that is the shower.

  Changing the temperature of your surroundings can have a major impact on the pleasure of masturbation, which is why the tips in this article can help you achieve the ultimate shower orgasm.

  So now that you know how to masturbate in the shower, which of these tips would you try first?

  Did you know that sucker dildos give you the best hands-free shower masturbation experience?

  Until next time my dirty devil!

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