How To Massage Your Clitoris?

How To Massage Your Clitoris?

  Caressing the clitoris is an indispensable part of sexual life, and it is also a sexual skill that needs to be mastered. Through caressing, it can be better used and developed to satisfy the other party. At the same time, it can also achieve sexual stimulation and help women enter orgasm smoothly.

  Today we provide some great clitoral friction techniques, some may be familiar to you, some may be brand new. In either case, remember these fun-seeking techniques, and you will soon reach a wave of climax.

       1. Know where the clitoris is

  So "where is my clitoris" is an important and common question. If you want to know how to play with your clitoris, you need to know its location. When you have been sexually aroused, it is usually easier to find the clitoris, but even if you don't have a mirror, you can usually judge its location by gently touching your surroundings.

  The outside of the clitoris is located above the vaginal opening and feels like a small button.

  Your entire vulva has many nerve endings, although many of them are concentrated in the clitoris. This is why it feels great when you do it yourself.

  2. Don't forget the lubricating oil

  A common misconception is that because the vagina is self-lubricating, you can work without any extra moisture, but this is not always the case. For many reasons, you or your partner may need a high-quality lubricant.

  When you play with your (or other people’s) clitoris, any good water-based lubricant can work, but if you have a good time in the bathtub or shower, or you don’t want to worry about re-application, organic Silicone lubricants can also work well. There are even mixed lubricants to choose from. By combining water-based lubricants and silicone lubricants, you can get the best of both worlds.

  Remember, you should not use silicone lubricants in silicone sex toys.

  3. Try different strokes and movements

  Instead of spending time searching "how to massage the clitoris" on Google, do some fieldwork! Go in and see what you like. All the informative articles in the world cannot replace a large number of sexy experiments.

  Using your fingers, try to make short, light strokes on the clitoris and clitoral mask, or make long, slow strokes in the vaginal opening. and also. Move your fingers in a circular motion, left and right, or up and down. You can also try tapping. Use more or less pressure, more or less speed, to find the way that suits you best.

  Try to mix it up until you find an action that brings about orgasm, or it feels really good. Repeated movements will make your hands cramp, no one wants this. Play for a while, then rest for a few seconds, then dive in again.

  If stroking does not get you there, you can try to gently pinch the clitoral nub with two fingers.

  4. Try a little pressure

  Your clitoris and clitoral mask have a lot of nerve endings. There are actually about 8,000. Almost any kind of soft touch will feel good, but if you want to strengthen it, you can try pressing. This does not necessarily happen only on the clitoris. Some people with clitoris like the feeling of pressing the entire vulva, which is why teeth grinding are so popular.

  You don’t even need to take off your clothes to enjoy a little or a lot of honing fun. In fact, some women can get all the pressure they need by pulling up the belt of their jeans! You can try to rock forward on a chair, or put a cushion or pillow between your legs.

  Another way that stress works in your favor is multiple orgasms. After orgasm, your clitoris becomes very sensitive, too sensitive for more direct stimulation. However, maintaining a certain amount of pressure on the entire vulva can help you stay awake until things calm down and clitoral stimulation can resume.

  This kind of pressure is difficult for yourself to keep up, because your muscles usually relax and relax naturally immediately after orgasm, but try to grind down on a firm pillow or armrest. You may find yourself wriggling impatiently again, ready to reach the second, third, or fourth climax.

  5. Don't focus too much on orgasm

  Focusing on the clitoris is the focus of exercise, right? You know that this is the key to achieving orgasm, and you are ready to uncover the bottom line of this mystery! But it is also important to remember that orgasm is not necessarily the whole of your sexual experience.

  If in the first few explorations, you can't reach orgasm or can't find anything that feels good, this can be annoying. do not give up! If you focus too much on massaging the clitoris to achieve orgasm, you may end up neglecting other sexy areas of the body. Although your clitoris is usually your most sexually sensitive area, there are many other sweet spots you can pay attention to. It may also be helpful to understand the difference between vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm.

  6. Add vaginal penetration

  Although many people think that the clitoris is completely contained in the small sensitive nodules that you can usually see and feel, the nerves actually extend down to your labia folds, around the vaginal opening, and deep in the pelvis. Many women find that increasing vaginal penetration during clitoral massage enhances sensation and orgasm because it actually stimulates more clitoris. Glad to know!

  7. Change your position

  Another way to get creative with the clitoris is to try new poses. If you are used to lying flat with your legs open, try to roll onto your belly and rub down. Or, you can try to lie on your side and rub your hands or sex toys.

  If you are with your partner, they may offer some other suggestions on how to best position themselves so that they have better contact with your clitoris. They may prefer to let you lean on them and reach out to massage your clitoris, or let you sit on their head while you bite their tongue and lips.

  8. Upgrade with clitoral vibrator

  When you have fully understood your clitoris, or even if you are still learning, a clitoral stimulator can make massage, masturbation and partner time more fun! These sex toys usually vibrate, but sometimes use suction or air pulses, and are designed to please you or your partner’s clitoris. Stronger stimulation helps to produce a stronger orgasm, which in turn increases sexual pleasure. Yes, please!

  Although very suitable for single entertainment, clitoral vibrators are also a great choice for couples. In fact, most women/clitoris owners need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm. In some (if not most) sex positions, constant stimulation of the clitoris can be a challenge. With the clitoral stimulator, this challenge is gone! Many clitoral vibrations are small enough to fit easily between your body, and some can even be worn on your fingers or tied to your body. Others are specifically designed to be worn during sexual intercourse, allowing both parties to enjoy some vibration.

  The vibrator never feels jaw soreness or tiredness, and the stimulation is continuous at the same level. No longer really close to orgasm and suddenly lose pressure because your hands are tired!

  If you want to learn more about using clitoral stimulators to get amazing orgasms, check out our blog on how to use clitoral vibrators.

  In short

  Now you can feel good and have some ideas to explore yourself. Use aromatherapy and candles to create a wonderful atmosphere. Try different postures, pressures and movements, we guarantee that you will have a very enjoyable evening.

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