How to have Sex Over Via video Chat?

How to have Sex Over Via video Chat?


       Although it is not universal, the virtual sex in video chat is also a way for most couples to contact after separation. When distance, blockade, and isolation affect our lives, the way for some erotic people to get along with their spouse is video chat. .

  Virtual sex is a shared experience, even if separated

       Virtual sex is a shared experience, even if it’s separate. “Undoubtedly, our modern digital age allows us to develop a new way of physical intimacy through Internet issues,” said Jolyn Caulfield, senior consultant at Health Howard .

        The advancement of computer technology has triggered a revolution in the way we interact with sex. It is not surprising that many people find it exciting and at the same time seen as a new field with untapped areas. Although most people would rather have the real thing , But virtual sex is more fun than masturbating alone, and even if separated during the pandemic, it still allows for shared and special experiences."

  Limit virtual and face-to-face interference

  Each virtual meeting space is slightly different, but if you plan to become hot and tired with your partners, choose the option with the least interference.
       "Virtual sex through messaging apps such as Skype, Messenger and Facetime can be a bit inconvenient," Caulfield said. "Whenever a new message badge appears, you will most likely be interrupted. Zoom and other private meeting apps are your best choice because it provides an extra layer of security for you and your partners. It's not just It allows you to easily see all audiences, and only allows people with unique codes to enter the call."
       “In addition, when it comes to distractions, you should always take precautions to ensure undisturbed time by conducting business in the privacy of your own room,” Caulfield suggested.

       The initial discomfort is typical

       Feel awkward thinking about virtual sex? You are definitely not alone. A certain degree of discomfort is typical, although you can overcome most discomforts.

  "Virtual sex is not necessarily easy, and it doesn't matter if you or your partner don't fully like it, especially the first time," Caulfield said. "But by starting a video call and talking about what you want to do to each other, you can easily overcome this discomfort. Foreplay is as important in virtual sex as it is in physical sex. It is to overcome the shyness of couples in front of the camera. first step."

         Don't go directly into sex

       "Novices to virtual sex should first start with phone sex and sexual texting, and slowly advance to video calls," advises Nicolina Jeric, founder of 2Date4Love. "We should not be clear right away, but should slowly build up tensions, which will help us relax and prepare for the "great ending."

        Don't know where to start? Jerick said, talking about the previous experience. "Virtuality can start by reminiscing about past encounters. You can send a message to your partner "Remember the time we were in the cabin?" "And start slowly describing what you did. You can develop from text messaging to voice messaging, sending one message at a time, and slowly build up tension."

  Try sex toys for long-distance couples

  Try a sex toy for long-distance couples Once you’re ready to start a video chat, whether you’re using Zoom on your laptop or a video chat application on your phone, it’s time to figure out how you want to do it. There is nothing wrong with using your hands, but the correct interactive toys provide you with a unique way of contacting you.
       If each of you has a sex toy, you can double your fun through the vibrations you feel and the apps you use.
       In the video and your partner experience happiness with their own sex toys, and "feel" your partner when playing at a distance. You can not only watch or listen to your partner, but also experience their actions. If you don't see each other again, you can't miss sex, and you have to experience better sex together.
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