How to have sex on a plane


  One thing about sex is that if you're horny and want to have sex, you can have it wherever you want. Most people still don't believe that sex on an airplane exists. I used to think it was something that only happened in movies. Airplane sex is to help people spice up their sex lives.

  Do you want to know how to have sex on a plane full of people? Stay tuned for every detail you might need to know. Maybe you can be interested and try it out. "I mean, who wouldn't want to try having sex on a plane?".

  Part 1. What is sex on a plane?

  "Do you want to sound decent?" Yun Ai. Having sex on a plane is called cloud love. It's called cloud love because sex happens on a cloud in an airplane.

  A famous name for sex on a plane is the Mile High Club. The term "mile high" was coined because everything in this club happens a few miles above the ground.

  Part 2. How to have sex on a plane?

  There are many ways to have sex on a plane. It all depends on your mood. You can masturbate, use a vibrator, or have sex with your partner. Do whatever you want, whatever you want. Sometimes it's great to spice up sex. As I said, there are tons of tips on how to have sex on a plane, which I'll give below.

  Tip 1. Watch porn

  Porn helps activate sexual emotions both mentally and physically. It increases libido and sexual performance because it makes you crave penetration. Porn is like an addictive drug, and it's cute. You can also watch porn to masturbate. Porn manipulates your brain and body to have sex and feel like you need to ejaculate because it makes you feel good.

  Tip 2. Think about the things that make you horny

  You can control your body with only your brain. If we think about it, we all have things that make us horny. This is to help you prepare mentally and physically for sex. You're feeling ready mentally and starting to get active physically, which shows you're in the mood to have sex.

  Tip 3. Imagine yourself having sex

  It's better to imagine sex when you're busy touching yourself. It is possible with only your imagination and feeling yourself. Imagining yourself having sex can help you open up and allow your penis to penetrate without struggling.

  Tip 4. Use a vibrator

  This is a sex toy that can help you increase your arousal and achieve orgasm. You can use the vibrator by moving it all over your body, especially your sensitive points and places you like to be touched. The clitoris is pretty weak when it comes to vibrators. All you need to do is stimulate the vibrator slowly and gently on and around the clitoris. As long as you use the vibrator accordingly, it's an enticing toy.

  Tip 5. Seduce your partner

  You can start by playing sexy music or sex songs to activate your libido. Start stroking your partner's entire body while gently kissing their earlobes. This is followed by neck kisses and tongue kisses while playing with their private parts. Pause for a moment, make eye contact, and smile to show you want it. All kinds of things are turned on.

  Tip 6. Wear something sexy

  Put on something exciting, like underwear. This is to turn on the person or the person next to you. "person or person" because I don't know if you want to have sex with one person or more. Wearing sexy clothes can create sexual tension and sexual desire. It awakens the mood to make love.


  Lubrication always plays an important role in sex. It helps wet women while battling natural lubrication. If sex is too long, a woman is likely to dry up. This is where lubricants come in. Yes, we have people who like anal sex.

  The only way to successfully penetrate during anal sex is to use lubrication. You never know what will happen during sex or how long it will take. That's why you need lubrication.

  Tip 8. Don't panic

  Sex doesn't require panic because you won't enjoy it. If you panic, you won't be able to get wet and in the mood for sex. All you have to do is relax, allow yourself to feel calm, and move on. Panic can ruin your mood for sex. Remember, cloud love comes at a price, and it comes at a price, don't spend a lot of money just to panic. Have fun.

  Tip 9. Have sex in the bathroom

  If you want your own privacy without worrying about who sees you, try using the bathroom. The airplane bathroom is small, but if you're horny, it's not a big deal. You'll deal with cramps later.

  If you don't have enough money to go to a mile high club and want to have sex on the plane, buy a regular ticket and have cloud sex in the bathroom. Make sure you don't get stuck in the bathroom, as you'll not only face embarrassment, but possibly jail time.

  Part 3. Does sex on a plane feel better?

  Sex isn't really in a position to feel better. As long as you have sex with the right person, it feels good. The only difference to having sex on a plane is that the plane is a mile above the ground and is moving.

  Having sex on a plane feels better because it's like a sexual adventure. You will experience something you have never done before. It is always enjoyable and exciting to experience new things.

  In conclusion

  Did you learn how to have sex on a plane?

  Having sex on a plane has to be in everyone's cart, or at least 90%. Even though it is illegal to have sex on a plane, people still do it. "I don't blame them."

  Forbidden things are always amazing.

  Cloud love is like an adventure, a sexual adventure, a must-try fantasy. Mile-high club memberships can be expensive, but there's no harm in trying to have sex on a high-altitude airplane. One of the most exciting things on earth is having sex on a plane.

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