How to have great shower sex?


  Do you own a sex toy? So have you tried using it alone in the bathroom or with a partner? There's something incredibly sexy about wearing it in a warm, humid bathroom while getting soaked in a hot shower. Not to mention that a long, undisturbed bath is the perfect time to enjoy a little water alone time with your favorite sex toy.

  But anyone who's tried bath or shower sex knows that underwater love isn't as sexy and straightforward as the movies would have us believe. All that water and steam might look great in a movie, but when it comes to reality, it makes things a little trickier.

  How to have shower sex

  Before you get started, read our tips to make sure your shower sex runs smoothly.

  1. Lubrication

  Newsflash: Water is a terrible lubricant.

  Not only does water not provide the same glide as a sex lubricant, but it also flushes away the body's natural lubrication, leaving you completely free from slipping.

  Water-based lube won't work in water because they're water-soluble (meaning it'll go away in high heat), so you'll need to grab a bottle of waterproof silicone lube to play in the tub.

  NOTE: Waterproof lubricants like silicone and oil are very slippery on tiles and tubs, so be careful not to spill any liquids, if they do, rinse them off thoroughly before use.

  You might also be wondering, "are condoms waterproof" or "do condoms work in water"?

  Yes, they are/do, but the risk of slippage points may increase in these situations. To make sure everything is safe, we recommend that you wear a condom before starting.

  2. Add the bath mat. believe us

  While bath mats may not be the first thing you think of when imagining a steamy session with your SO, they are essential for great shower sex.

  A non-slip bath mat helps prevent accidents, allowing you to focus on squatting instead of staying upright. You can even add a soft cushion to the outside of the shower/tub to minimize the risk of slipping while out and about. Remember, safety is sexy.

  3. Set the scene

  Whether you lack privacy or long-term fantasies, shower sex can be very special if the setting is right.

  Clear out all those shampoo bottles and use candles for sensual mood lighting. You can even turn on some tunes to set the tone and help you and your partner get into the mood.

  4. Rinse and repeat

  Sex doesn't necessarily mean penetration, whether in the shower or in the shower.

  For intimacy with your partner (or yourself), try using some foaming soap or body wash in your favorite scent. Gently massage your partner or your own body.

  Important: Soap just makes things slippery, so be sure to pause and rinse the tub or shower thoroughly before doing anything else.

  5. Other activities

  Whether you're playing alone or with a partner, you may still find penetration play in the tub or shower tricky.

  Not only is there limited space for bumping and grinding, but the logistics of putting your stuff in (and keeping it in) with all the water can take some serious practice.

  You might consider a waterproof bench or chair, and installing armrests is a good idea for added grip and safety.

  If not, why not make the bathroom orgy an opportunity to hone your foreplay skills?

  Dive into a bubble bath together, masturbate to each other under the cover of bubbles, and maintain eye contact while gaming to really crank up the heat. Or explore a little oral sex in the shower - just make sure you rinse off those suds first!

  Best shower sex toys

  Another of our favorite tips on how to have great shower sex is adding toys to the mix.

  With so many waterproof models on the market, there's no reason not to try shower sex toys during a solo or couple's meeting.

  Have a penis? Add a vibrator to your bathroom routine for extra fun. You can even get a shower rack and bring your favorite toys in the shower. Keep in mind that silicone lubricants are not compatible with silicone toys. If you want to use silicone toys, we recommend using a small amount of oil-based lube.

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