How to give yourself a prostate orgasm?


  There's a lot of advice on how to give yourself a prostate orgasm (using a dildo or a hands-free massager, they have two different methods), but I thought it would be useful to write down step-by-step how to give yourself a prostate orgasm, achieved with a prostate dildo Orgasms, especially stainless steel dildos.

  Keep in mind that many people go through several attempts to get their first prostate orgasm. So take your time, take care of your body, and enjoy finding this orgasm, because once you discover how to have an orgasm, you'll be absolutely amazed.


  You first make sure you have at least an hour of free time to focus on my prostate massage, which means making sure you have a private space and no distractions. You need to be 100% focused on your feelings and the pleasure of your body to give yourself an amazing full body prostate orgasm.

  First, you make sure to heat it under the tap. Stainless steel can get pretty cold, so it's best (for you) not to get too cold before using it - but you want to make sure it's only slightly warm, not too hot.

  Also, make sure you go to the toilet at least an hour before starting a prostate massage. It is very important that you empty your anus and rectum of any feces before you insert a dildo or massager into your body.

  Lay out a large towel on the bed, take off your clothes, and lie on your back (on the towel) with your head on the pillow and your knees in the air. Your feet are flat on the bed near your hips, which will help insert the dildo.


  Once you are in place and holding the dildo, make sure to apply a generous amount of lubricant to the end of the dildo and apply it directly to the anus. The more lubricant the better, as it helps make the dildo move more easily.

  Slowly press the end of the dildo against the anus, take your time, and make sure you're in a state of excitement. You need to turn on your body for you to enjoy and experience a prostate orgasm.

  When ready, slowly insert the ball end of the prostate dildo an inch into the anus so that the ball rests directly on the prostate, which (in this position) will be above the dildo but below your stomach/penis. I can't stress enough how important it is not to push the dildo deeper than this - the prostate isn't far inside you!


  Once the dildo is only an inch inside you and resting on your prostate, that's how deep you need to go into your body. The movement you do with the dildo (as with any stimulation, this can start slow and then move faster only when you feel the need to massage your prostate faster) is a curved upward movement. This basically causes the ball of the dildo to move up, slightly tilted, towards the prostate.

  When massaging the prostate with a dildo, the only movements you need to do are light up and down movements. Over time, you may experience a prostate orgasm as you get closer to the pleasurable sensation of orgasm. You can hold the dildo on the other end with one or both hands.

  Importantly, never touch your penis! You may be tempted to do this, and you may think it will help, but a prostate orgasm can only happen by stimulating the buildup of prostatic fluid. If you stimulate your penis, you will move this fluid away from the prostate, which means you won't have a prostate orgasm. Don't touch it!

  Be careful! (wet prostate orgasm)

  While doing this technique you may feel like you are getting closer and closer to needing to ejaculate from your penis (even though it may be flaccid), if you move towards this feeling you can give yourself a brief wet prostate orgasm which will be Prostatic fluid is ejected from your penis.

  It's pleasurable and unlike semen ejaculation penis orgasm, you can do it multiple times in a session, but if you do, it's more difficult to give yourself a dry prostate orgasm because it's getting yourself The key to getting a prostate orgasm is building up fluid in your prostate. By doing this, you release it all.

  If you want a dry prostate orgasm, when you feel the urge to ejaculate, you should massage the prostate in a relaxing, slow, cool down and make sure you dodge/avoid giving yourself a wet prostate orgasm. It can be difficult, but after avoiding this, you'll be closer to a dry prostate orgasm.

  Dry prostate orgasm

  After massaging your prostate for a while, slowly building up more and more pleasure, you may feel "prostate waves." These are the pleasurable sensations caused by massaging your prostate, which feel great and are a good sign that you are approaching an orgasm. For experienced people, it may only take a few minutes, but for beginners, it may take 45 minutes to an hour.

  You'll quickly feel (almost out of nowhere) that you're on the verge of the most amazing orgasmic sensation, not the same as approaching ejaculation. This feeling of orgasm takes over your mind, your body, and everything around you, prompting you to move your dildo with precise movements and speed, bringing you closer and closer to pleasure until…

  Out of nowhere, you'll feel the whole body without ejaculation (I mean the whole body, through every part of you!), and this orgasm is (at least for me) more pleasurable and more enjoyable than any penis orgasm Stunning. While you're in the middle of an orgasm, you'll probably continue massaging your prostate (almost without thinking), and you'll be quite surprised how long it can last -- a few minutes, or in some cases longer!

  Eventually, after an incredible full body orgasm, you will slowly start to feel your mind coming back to reality and you will notice that a) even though it is the most pleasurable feeling, you are still weak b) You are exhausted (I would definitely recommend if you take an hour to get to this orgasm, you take a break) and c) you have the most amazing post-orgasm feeling inside. Congratulations! The next time you have a session, you should find it easier and faster to get yourself a prostate orgasm.


  When you're done with your session, make sure to put the towel in the washing machine (check the sheets as well) and clean the dildo thoroughly. I recommend taking a shower and cleaning your lower body and anus with lube. After cleansing, stay relaxed and enjoy the post-orgasm feeling.

  What should I do if I am struggling to get a prostate orgasm?

  It's very common (and normal) for the first time, especially if you've only experienced penile orgasms, it's very different. These are my best tips and advice:

  Make sure to position the dildo/massage on the prostate. It's very easy to insert a sex toy too far inside you (which reduces your chances of having an orgasm), so just insert it an inch into your anus.

  Note the wet prostate orgasm. I've already mentioned this, and while they feel great, if you've already ejaculated all the prostatic fluid, you're going to have a hard time giving yourself a dry full body prostate orgasm. I've found that when you approach a wet orgasm, you're actually very close to a dry orgasm, so if you can avoid a wet orgasm (which requires a few minutes of self-restraint), you're close to a big orgasm.

  If you do find some feces on your sex toy, don't worry or be upset about it (this is a risk of massaging inside the anus). I suggest you stop the session, clean your sex toys thoroughly and go to the toilet. If you do want to start prostate massage again, it's best to wait 30 minutes (or an hour) before starting. This will give your body time to clear the stool. Then start from scratch.

  Finally, good luck!

  Prostate orgasms are a surprising discovery for penile patients who have never experienced full-body orgasms. It will be the most amazing and exciting sexual discovery if you practice and take the time to read up on the tips that work best for you! Lots of fun with different positions, different prostate orgasms (wet and dry), and different sex toys. Have fun and share your suggestions with others.

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