How To Find The Clitoris?

How To Find The Clitoris?

  For first-time contacts, finding the clitoris is difficult. It's like wandering around in an unfamiliar city without being able to find the right direction. The problem is that most boys don't ask about the position of the clitoris like women, but they keep groping for good luck.

  You have to be sure to know what you are looking for, the clitoris is easy to find. If she is lying on the bed and you are looking directly at her vagina, look up. The clitoris is located directly above the vagina. The tricky part is that the clitoris is partially covered by a small fleshy area called the clitoral hood. The clitoris may be completely covered or partially exposed, depending on the woman.

  Method 1: The clitoris is located at the joint of the tops of the two labia minora. It is a cavernous tissue similar to that of men and has erectile properties. It is divided into three parts. The front part is the clitoral head, which is rich in nerve endings and is extremely sensitive; the clitoral body is numerous; the back is two clitoral feet attached to the pubic bones on both sides.

  Method 2: You can use your finger to put your finger on the vaginal opening and slide upwards, and then you can touch a bean-like tissue at the top, which is the clitoris. It is a small cylindrical organ surrounded by the clitoris foreskin, about 2-4 cm long. At the end is a round head, the tip of which is enlarged and called the glans clitoris.

  Method 3: The clitoris is soft and has the feeling of climax. It is the only organ in humans that is only related to sexual desire and feeling. Its only physiological function is to stimulate women's sexual desire and pleasure. You can find it accurately when you treat it as love.

  When a woman is awakened, the clitoris enlarges, causing it to pop out of the hood. This also makes it easier to find the clitoris after a little foreplay... hint, hint! The size of the clitoris can vary greatly. For some women, it may be about the size of a small pencil eraser, while others may have a mid-toe-sized clitoris.

  After finding the clitoris, finding the clitoris is only half the battle. You still need to know how to deal with it, and this is where things really become challenging.

  Generally speaking, it is more effective to stimulate the clitoris with the tongue than with the fingers. Start with easy and fun flicks while gradually increasing your stress and pace. Pay close attention to your partner's reaction, so you know what makes her motor gurgle. Every woman's body reacts differently, so don't expect to hit a home run for the first time-enjoy the practice!
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