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       The society of talking about sex change has passed. Nowadays, people in society are very open-minded whether they are men or women. There are also many young couples who buy sex toys for excitement.

  There is now a broader understanding that sex toys cannot replace anyone. They are designed to bring more fun to users and help you get more orgasms. This is a good thing, because although the stigma surrounding these toys may be waning, the orgasm gap between men and women is not. This is why female sex toys are so important. Using sex toys is a completely normal and healthy activity, and it is not shameful to do so. Masturbation and orgasm have many benefits for women. From reducing our stress levels to relieving menstrual cramps, and even making us happier, sex toys are designed to help us reach our goals.

  Types of female sex toys

  If you like to stimulate a certain part of your body, then there will be sex toys that can do it! Choosing your first character toy can be difficult because there are many different styles to choose from, but it all depends on which part of the body you want to target. It is not limited to the vagina and clitoris. Although these are the two most popular areas of female sex toys, you can try a variety of toys. This is a quick sex toy guide, let you know some of the best female sex toys, and how to use these toys for all kinds of fun.


  Dildo is one of the most popular sex toys for women, and its popularity is largely due to its wide range of uses. Dildos are non-vibrating toys used for penetration and internal massage. They can have an anatomical design that looks like a replica of an actual penis, or they can be non-anatomical without any penis resemblance.What are dildos?

  Fake Yang comes in various shapes and sizes. You can use large dildos, mini dildos, metal or glass dildos, textured dildos, or even curved dildos to directly aim at the g-spot. Although many women like to use dildos for vaginal penetration and g-spot stimulation, you can also use anal dildos to penetrate the booty and stimulate the nerve endings there.


  What are vibrators?You may have heard that a bedroom without some kind of vibrator is an incomplete buzz. Well, that's because these sex toys are designed to help you achieve orgasm, no matter where you use it on your body. Vibrator is an all-encompassing term, it refers to any sex toy that stimulates the erotic area of ​​the body through vibration.

  Determining which is the best vibrator actually depends on which areas of the body you like to stimulate. There are external styles that stimulate the clitoris and internal styles that massage the vagina and g-spots. If you want to perform external and internal stimulation at the same time, there is also a rabbit vibrator. It has a vibrating vagina shaft and outer ear, which can vibrate against the clitoris, so you can get the best of both worlds.

  Clitoral massager

  When helping women reach orgasm, the clitoral massager is one of the top female sex toys you can get. 75% of women need to stimulate the clitoris to achieve orgasm, and this is the original intention of these clitoral stimulation toys. There are all kinds of clitoral vibrations, from large and powerful wand vibrators to much smaller bullet vibrations. These bullets can be used alone or with a partner during intercourse because they are small enough to not interfere.

best clitoral vibrator Recently, toys that use suction and pulsating waves around the clitoris to simulate oral sex have also increased, rather than relying solely on vibration to make users achieve orgasm. There are many clitoral toys to choose from, and the depends on what you like and how you want to use the toy.

  Butt plug

  However, female sex toys are not only aimed at the vulva and vagina. As sex toys become more mainstream, butt plugs have become more and more popular in the past few years. Butt plugs come in different shapes and sizes, designed to create a feeling of fullness for the anus. You can wear a butt plug during masturbation or while playing a partner game. When your sphincter is tightened around the plug, it will give your body more sensation.

  Many people also use butt plugs to prepare themselves for anal sex. They are used to relax and stretch muscles, making the penis or larger toys easier and more comfortable to enter. You can also look for a vibrating butt plug to give more excitement to the loot, or even a tail plug that is used in animal role-playing or looks super cute.

  Anal beads

  If you want to explore anal games, but butt plugs seem a bit scary, then another option is to start with a set of anal beads. Anal beads are a series of connected spheres that gradually increase from a very small size. What makes them so suitable for beginners is that just insert the beads where you feel comfortable and you will still get all the amazing benefits.

  This is because the anal beads stimulate the nerve endings at the opening of the anus. There are thousands of nerve endings in this area, much more than the inner tube, and the entry and exit of the beads is the greatest pleasure. This is another toy that can be used alone or with partners in any type of game. Try to slowly remove the beads during or before orgasm, as it can make your orgasm feel more intense.

  Nipple clamp

  Nipples are often one of the sexy areas of the body that sex toy users often overlook. This is because nipple clamps are usually related to pain rather than pleasure. Although this may be the case in some cases, it all depends on which type of fixture you are using. The working principle of nipple clamps is to pinch the nipple and restrict blood flow to the area. If you pull while wearing it, it will cause some pain (of course, some people will like it), but their main purpose is actually the effect when the clip is removed.

  Once removed from the body, the blood returns to the nipple, producing a lot of sensation and endorphins. After removal, the nipple will be more sensitive and responsive to touching, licking or pinching. If you are not familiar with nipple clamps, look for an adjustable style to find the pressure level you like. Tweezers, alligator clips or butterfly clips are all adjustable styles, very suitable for beginners.


  Although most female sex toys can also be used with a partner, there are also toys specifically designed for this purpose. For those who are beginning to come into contact with sex toys and restraint games, handcuffs are a good starter toy. Handcuffs are restraint toys that are used to connect two wrists together or connect the wrists to other objects such as bedposts or chairs to limit the wearer's movement and contact capabilities. The focus of this toy is to eliminate the wearer's ability to touch or move, and to improve other sensitivities of their body. This is also a good way to ease the dominant and submissive roles in power games and exploration relationships.

  Other female sex toys

  These are some of the most acclaimed female sex toys, but there are still other options to consider. Kegel balls or ben wa balls are another popular choice and are also very good for the health of the pelvic floor, or you can try something like finger vibration or vibrating panties. When you play with other people, the last two are especially fun as first-time toys.

  What is the best sex toy for beginners?

  If you know what to look for, then finding the best sex toy for beginners is actually an easy task. Start with a toy in an area where you know you have great fun, and start small. At least, if the toy is too small, you can still use it, and if the toy is too big, you may find it difficult to use it properly, or even impossible to use it at all. And, no matter which type of toy you start using, make sure to always buy high-quality sex toys. This does not mean that you need to buy the most expensive toys. Check customer reviews to ensure that the toy you find is safe for your body and can be used multiple times.

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