How to care for your luxury sex toys

How to care for your luxury sex toys


  Do you own a luxury sex toy? One of the great things about luxury sex toys is their ease of care. Luxury toys are an investment, and you definitely want them to last basically forever. There are some simple things you can do to make your toys more durable. You buy toys because they bring you joy. So what can you do to help your luxury toys work better and last longer?

  Charge your luxury vibrator faster.

  Many newer vibes are rechargeable. This is great because you never have to worry about stealing batteries from your TV remote or smoke alarm again!Some vibrators have regular wall chargers. This makes them pretty self-explanatory: just plug into the wall, connect to the vibe, and you're done.

  Others have USB chargers. You can plug it into your computer, but as my client pointed out, this requires a for-evah. Instead, use your smartphone or tablet charger. Or, if you find yourself owning an array of toys, tablets, phones, FitBits, and smartwatches (oh my gosh!), consider buying a multi-port USB charger like this one.

  One final note: charge your battery as much as you can and use it until it runs out. This helps the battery maintain its vitality for as long as possible. Most resonators have indicator lights. Not sure how to tell if yours is fully charged? Check the manual or email me.

  Cleaning toys may not be fun, but it's important.

  Cleaning your sex toys is probably the least fun but most important thing you can do with them. It helps your toy last longer and helps ensure you don't get any infections.

  The vagina and buttocks have a balance of good and bad bacteria. You want to maintain that balance to avoid things like yeast infections and urinary tract infections. That's why it's important to use the right cleaner for your toys: it cleans them thoroughly, but doesn't leave any residue like soap does (think: soap scum in the shower).

  Clean your luxury sex toys the right way.

  Because many luxury sex toys are made of non-porous materials (like these and these), you can choose to clean them!

  Toy cleaner. Foaming Tea Tree Oil Cleanser. Like a foaming hand sanitizer, it lasts a long time. Plus tea tree oil to naturally sanitize your toys. For those nights when you're content to get up and go to the sink, they're lint- and fragrance-free, so they won't leave anything on your toy that might irritate you the next time you use it.

  Tip: Avoid cleaners that contain triclosan. It's bad for you, your bits, the environment and the world (can you say antibiotic resistance?).

  cooking method. If you have a luxury sex toy that is not a vibrator, you can wash it with boiling water. You have two options here. One: Put the toy in a bowl and pour boiling water. Let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Two: Put the toy in a metal strainer in a pot of boiling water. Let it boil for 3-5 minutes. The five-minute limit is very important, so set a timer! This is great for anal toys, menstrual cups and Kegel balls. For glass and metal toys, please check the toy manual or email me as each toy is a little different.So when should you clean your toys? When you take it out of the box (because: the factory). and before and after use.

  Now let's be realistic: sometimes just want to carry on your bad self. So if you don't clean the toy before using it, I have nothing against you. But this makes it even more important to store toys to keep germs and lint out.

  Keep your luxury sex toys lint-free and hidden (if you wish).

  The third easy way to make your luxury sex toys last is to store them properly. Many companies will send you a bag with toys in it. It's great to use it!

  If your toy doesn't come with a bag, look for something lint-free. This ensures that you don't get fluff on your insides and helps keep bacteria out.The great thing about sex toy storage is that it keeps them organized and hidden. This is invaluable if you have kids, pets, nosy roommates/neighbors/in-laws.

  Taking care of your luxury sex toys may seem silly...but it's not.

  When you invest in a luxury sex toy, it's worth taking care of, just like you would any other fine item. I like to compare luxury sex toys to designer handbags. They all come with instructions and a storage bag. You don't have to do what they say, but if you do, you can enjoy them longer.

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