The importance of sex in a relationship

The importance of sex in a relationship


  It may seem self-evident that sex is important in a relationship, but for some it really isn't a priority. How many times have you heard someone say, "Sex is not what a relationship is all about!" Or how many times have you heard your girlfriend complain, "He just wants sex, I'm not a sex machine!" While in a relationship, sex is not Not the most important, that's absolutely true, but sex is an integral and central part of any intimate relationship. Without sex, you have friendship. Sexual activity is what separates roommates and friends from lovers. When I say "sex," I'm not just talking about penetration, but the entire spectrum of sexual activity from kissing to oral sex to vaginal (or anal) sex. Sexual activity is something couples should enjoy and look forward to together.


  The first thing sex does to a couple is to provide intimacy. When a couple engages in sexual activity, it is private time for both of them, and sexual activity is the only thing on the agenda. It allows a couple to fully interact with each other and create a feeling of intimacy and intimacy. For women in particular, having sex can be an integral part of intimacy. For men, it's just as important for maintaining intimacy with a partner. Sexual intimacy is only one part of general intimacy. While sex can and should never be the whole of a relationship, it does have a prominent place.

  Relieve stress

  Feeling a little stressed? Can't get your attention off that big job at work? Feeling a little tight on money this month? Are the kids really bothering you? We cannot erase everything that happens in our lives, and life can be stressful. However, we can enjoy some old-fashioned stress relief by having sex. Sex is a physical way to reduce stress—just like exercise. Plus, it's fun!

  When we take the time to have sex with our partner, we can temporarily forget about life's troubles, connect with our partner, release stress, and yes, have an orgasm (or 4). Physically, when we orgasm, our bodies feel more relaxed, our muscles are less tense, and the hormones secreted during sexual activity act as our body's natural sedatives. It's the same for men as it is for women - it's more important for men on some levels. So, if you're stressed out - instead of drinking beer - have sex!


  In case you missed the memo: Sex is fun! Couples should enjoy all kinds of fun together, including SEX! During sex, a couple can explore, laugh, wrestle, tickle, flirt, and please each other. All of these things are fun, and relationships without fun are doomed. If your relationship is just "together," without laughter and activity, and having a good time together, your sex life may also suffer. It's important to remember that there should be fun in a relationship - and part of that fun should be sex! If sex isn't fun for you, you're clearly doing something wrong!


  Often, when we feel disconnected from our partner, we also don't have a sexual desire for them. Sex is a way to reconnect with our partner, a connection that only the two of you can create. If you don't live in the same house and are in a dating situation, you should both engage in a wide range of activities: dinner, movies, walks, conversations, and sex. If you're doing all your other activities and not having sex, then maybe you should check why not.

  Dating relationships include sexual activity (not limited to simple intercourse), which can cause the relationship to feel more like a friendship when one or both members of the couple don't want to have sex. In a new relationship, this connection in particular is important to define the relationship as a commitment to the future. It lets your partner know that you are interested in their sexuality (which is very important for self-esteem in women). Likewise, sex is an excellent way to reconnect with a loved one when we are estranged from our partner due to stress, family issues, children, job demands, etc. It's personal time for the two of you and nothing else matters but sex. Sex is like a flower, if you don't water it, give it sunlight, pay attention to it, it will die.

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