How Long Can You Wear A Butt Plug?

How Long Can You Wear A Butt Plug?

       Butt plugs are becoming more and more popular, and new and unique anal sex toys appear on various websites and stores almost every day. There are many types of anal sex toys, all of which can provide great anal stimulation. But when deciding to play anal sex toys, there will be many questions and doubts. Safety and comfort are one of them.

  How long can you wear your butt plug?

  First of all, there are not many medical studies on prolonged plug wear. In addition, everyone's body responds to stimuli differently, so there is no one-size-fits-all equation. However, there are some guidelines.

  In short, you should definitely not spend more than 10 hours plugged in. This schedule is for anal sex experts. If you are not familiar with the butt plug craze, we recommend that you leave the plug for a few minutes at most, and then gradually build up a tolerance for long-term wear, if this is your goal.

  As a general rule of thumb, the bigger the butt plug, the shorter the time to keep it. When playing with big butt plugs, please remember that our bodies are not designed to hold huge things more than a few hours (maximum!) once. If you absolutely must wear the plug for a long time, choose something smaller and lighter.

  So, let us answer this important question. How long can you wear a butt plug? No more than a few hours, at most, never, if you are uncomfortable. If you feel pain, please stop the butt insertion task immediately!

  Can you wear a butt plug all day?

  The simple answer: No. Even if you are an experienced butt game user, never wear butt plugs all day long.

  Can I wear a butt plug while sleeping?

  No, you shouldn't wear a plug while sleeping! Except for inadvertently hurting yourself by changing your posture, you should never wear a butt plug for more than a few hours, at most. Now, you really may not want to get up to remove and clean the plug before you doze off, but you definitely should. Your caboose will thank you in the morning.

  Safety tips for docking plugs

  Whether you are using glass stoppers, silicone stoppers, ordinary stoppers, anal beads or any other anal sex toys, please play safely. Before piercing your booty with anything wider than your fingers, you should always be fully prepared for your booty. This rule definitely applies to different types of butt plugs. This means using a lot of lubricant to allow time for a lot of external anal stroking, teasing, and relaxing foreplay before insertion. Trimming your nails is also a good idea.

  The skin and tissues outside and inside the rectum are very sensitive. This can be a great stimulus, but it also means you need to be gentle. Once it exceeds a certain depth or penetration point, there will not be many painful nerve endings, so it is particularly important to act safely.

  Monitor your blood regularly and listen to your body. If you feel uncomfortable, or if you notice blood, please stop immediately!

  In short

  Although they are fun and enjoyable, sometimes you have to give your butt-plugged sex toys a break. Although you may like to wear the stopper for a long time, safety comes first. Fortunately, you don't need to wear your favorite (or brand new!) plug for longer than the recommended time to enjoy a lot of pornography and sexual pleasure!
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