How do women have 10 orgasms?

How do women have 10 orgasms?


  If you asked me how many different types of orgasms I have, I would probably say there are different types. But many young women don't know what an orgasm is, and even think it's what they habitually pretend to be. Read on to learn about 10 different orgasms and how to have them. 

  1. Clit orgasm

  The most common and easiest orgasm you can get by stimulating your clitoris *spoiler alert*!

  Masturbation (single and multiplayer) should help you figure out what excites you and what helps you achieve a clitoral orgasm, which can be described as intense and brief.

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  2. Vaginal/G-spot orgasm

  The G-spot (or Grafenberg's spot, to be precise) is the name for the small, nerve-rich area above the front wall of the vagina.

  This is a controversial topic, as some porn experts insist that the G-spot is a myth. But does it really matter? If massaging that area in a circular "come here" motion gets you to the big O, then the G-spot must be real for you.

  Bonus points if you let your partner stimulate your G-spot with a finger or a sex toy to give you gentle blowjobs as they get to work - but be patient as it can take time to master.

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  3. Mixed orgasms

  Mixed orgasms occur when multiple areas of your body are touched and pleasing at the same time. They can happen when you're in a fast-paced sex life, or when you're slowly preparing for the main event.

  It's a great way to get lots of erogenous zones lit up at once, and a great opportunity to roll the foreplay dice.

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  4. Multiple orgasms

  Multiple orgasms can be sequential (when you orgasm, rest, then orgasm again) or continuous (orgasm after orgasm without rest in between).

  If you're craving more, try the sequential style first. Orgasm, then take a minute to rest and enjoy the extra oxytocin that floods your brain. Then back to the second round! And three...four...

  If you're still learning about your body, maybe just focus on learning to orgasm before trying multiple orgasms.

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  5. Anal orgasm

  You may not have thought about it, but you may be the one who can orgasm anal. Many women can orgasm during anal sex, but it is rarely mentioned in pop culture.

  Most of the heterosexuality we see on mainstream movies and TV is bog-standard penis-in-vaginal sex, but less than 8% of women orgasm this way. The anal wall is rich in nerve endings, so why deprive yourself of amazing orgasms? Make sure you use plenty of lube, and if you're a beginner, take your time.

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  6. Sleep-Gasm (aka "Snoring")

  The sheer power of the brain means women can orgasm while sleeping, which makes sense.

  During your sleep, you're at your most relaxed, not worrying about how you look or how you're doing in bed. When these negative thoughts occur during sex, it's called "bystander" and it can be a huge barrier.

  During your sleep, your brain is free to explore your sexual fantasies without feeling rushed or judged. This can get you so excited that you end up climaxing. You might even end up waking yourself up!

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  7. Cervical orgasm

  This is one of the most powerful orgasms a woman can have. Sometimes called a full body orgasm because of the way you are flushed from head to toe, cervical orgasm is best achieved through deep vaginal penetration. Sex therapists recommend warming up in a few different positions beforehand and going as deep as possible in a doggy style.

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  8. U-Spot Orgasm

  The urethra isn't just for peeing, ladies! It is surrounded by some hidden parts of the clitoris that are internal rather than external like the head.

  When your urethra is irritated, blood rushes to the erectile tissue around the opening, which can lead to ejaculation or "squirting." But it's also susceptible to infection, so do your research before you start trying this type.

  Oh, and make sure you have a towel handy.

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  9. Spot A orgasm

  The "anterior fornix exogenous zone" or "second G-spot" is located above the cervix, near the navel. It's best after a lot of foreplay and a lot of lube, so take your time before aiming for this kind of orgasm. Let your partner touch point A with their finger pads or toys, then pull down the front wall for a neighbor-awakening orgasm!

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  10. Nipples orgasms

  Your breasts have the potential to orgasm! It turns out that the game of breasts and nipples lights up the same parts of the brain that respond to genital and clitoral stimulation. Touching, massaging, or sucking your breasts (the list goes on) also triggers the release of oxytocin. If you want to have a nipple orgasm, the edge is key.

  First, tease yourself by massaging the area around your breasts, torso, and abdomen, and promote blood circulation around your chest. Then, circle and caress your breasts with a feathery touch. Do not touch your areola or nipple until you are severely aroused. Once you feel like you can't wait, run your fingers around the areola and begin to gently pinch your erect nipple from base to tip. This should cause multiple waves of pleasure to wash over you.

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