How do men make women happy with dildos?

How do men make women happy with dildos?


  Dildos can improve regular sex. Using a dildo can further increase a woman's pleasure and make her more pleasurable. In fact, many men buy dildos because they want their women to feel better. Dildos can provide a deeper level of pleasure, and they can also be used to stimulate the vagina during oral sex.

  How to use a dildo during sex

  Dildos can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to simply stimulate the inside of a woman's vagina, or it can be inserted while she is giving you oral sex. There are a variety of ways to take advantage of this, from simple games to more deviant ones that you wouldn't normally do. Let's see each of these dramas stimulate the vagina with a dildo

  Since it is shaped like a penis, it can give women the pleasure of penetrating a penis. By stimulating the pleasurable areas of the vagina, deep pleasure can be experienced and women can achieve orgasm. Men who want to please women should especially stimulate this G-spot. Female sensitivity also increases when the dildo is pressed against the Gspot while it is inserted deeper and poked into the part.

  Experience threesome

  Using a dildo gives a woman the feeling of being penetrated by two men. She can enjoy being stimulated by two cocks. Men can also feel jealous when they see another man's penis inserted into their partner's vagina and make them feel good.

  You may not be able to resist seeing your partner want something other than your penis, and even if it's a fantasy, you'll want to make your partner feel better. When you are about to ejaculate, you can switch to a dildo so you can insert it for a longer period of time and increase the pleasure and satisfaction of women.

  Blowjob while inserting a dildo

  You can also perform oral sex on your own penis while inserting a dildo to stimulate your vagina. You can also insert a dildo into your vagina while a woman gives you oral sex with SIX-NINE. If you use a sucker dildo, you can also have a woman lick your cock while you insert the dildo back. You can also place the dildo on the floor and have the woman perform oral sex while the dildo is inserted into the cowgirl position.

  Insert a dildo while blowjob

  You can also play with a woman who blowjobs on the wall and inserts doggy style while increasing her excitement. Seeing your partner ask for a few penises gives you the excitement. You'll see porn from sex partners you've never met during your sex life. It is visually erotic and recommended for those looking for new excitement and pleasure. It would be great to watch her backdoor penetration. The female side can also practice oral sex and ask for more.

  Make your partner masturbate

  Some games include having a woman do a dildo masturbation in front of you and enjoy watching her do it. You're sure to get excited to see her orgasm by herself. You can see your partner up close and feel things you don't normally see during sex. A space opens up in front of you that you can only see in porn videos. Another attraction is that after masturbation, your partner is more likely than usual to have an orgasm, which makes sex even more exciting.

  Two hole sex

  If your partner is experienced in anal play, you can stimulate both the vagina and anus at the same time. The woman will feel twice as much penetration and pressure than usual, so she will feel like she's being fucked. A woman with a head will surely appreciate this.

  Inserting a smaller dildo into the vagina at the same time as inserting the smaller dildo into the anus can provide a sensation of pleasure never experienced during sex. If the other party is an advanced anal user, you can insert a large size. If you are not sure if you can insert a plug into your anus, a beginner butt plug is recommended. They are sized for easy insertion for beginners.

  What to watch out for when using a dildo during sex

  Here are a few things to keep in mind when using a dildo to make women feel good during sex:
       Inserting a dildo suddenly will only cause pain to a woman. Wake up a woman and wet her vagina by kissing and gently stimulating the nipples and other sexual areas. Use lube if your partner has difficulty getting wet. Applying the right amount will result in smooth insertion and significantly increase pleasure in women. It can be inserted smoothly even with a slightly larger dildo. Be sure to wash your dildo before and after use. If there are bacteria on the surface of the dildo used during sex, your partner is at risk of contracting an STD.

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