HISIONLEE 4PCS Anal Plug Set review

      The training kit is the best way to get into anal training with ease, this kit - four gradient plugs, lets you start small and slowly improve your game until you become an expert. Each product is made of smooth, body-safe silicone for the easiest and most comfortable experience.

  Without place limits

  Whether in the pool or the bathtub, you can enjoy yourself without any restrictions.

  Strong suction - great for adsorption on the wall or the tub to make a masturbation

  Explore plug play

  This is the way to start - If you has been curious about plug play

  Comfortable and pleasurable - if you leave in the the anus when having 'doggies style' vaginal sex pleasurable to both partners

  Powerful suction

  Bottom sucker design - the round, large and concave bottom forms a strong attraction

  Hands free - release your hands, suitable for wet or dry walls, desks, Bathroom

  Waterproof Design

  Waterproof design - Can be used in water

  Easy to clean - Please use hand wash and with warm water

  Enhance your sex life and intimate game - Enema is used to treat certain types of infections; Lubricants can relax and relieve pain

  Neutral packaging

  High-grade and exquisite box packaging

  Opaque and sealed packaging to protect your privacy

  Easy to carry to hotel or travel

  Avoid leaving product in direct sunlight and Never expose it to extreme heat.
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