HIPGAGA Sex Masturbator Realistic Love Doll Reviews

       Because HIPGAGA has been discontinued, we recommend this better quality sex doll

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  This men's sex doll, sexy female torso sex doll male pocket cat realistic male sex toy with big boobs butt pussy. It has a rating of 5, and everyone loves him very much.

  3 in 1 realistic male sex doll with vaginal sex, anal sex and breast fun: life-size sex doll torso mimics attractive mature women with large breasts, sexy hips and small waist. Big breasts and sexy ass give you a huge visual impact of male dominance. The slender waist can be held with two hands for easy manipulation. Realistic textured nodules and ridges on the pussy and anal passages give you different explosive orgasms. Creative sex toys for couple sex games.

  3D realistic pussy and anal tunnel

  Both channels of the men's sex doll are firm, textured, comfortable, and offer ample length and varying textures. The 6.3in long virgin's tight vaginal canal, uneven pattern, stimulates the nerves on the skin when the penis moves back and forth, it's a wonderful feeling! The 6.0in anal tunnel is tighter and makes your cock squirt like blood in a squeeze! Thanks to the elastic nature of the tunnel material, HIPGAGA sex dolls fit any size dick.

  Won't tear! Soft and Safe TPE Material Men's Masturbator, No Odor: We use high quality malleable TPE, soft and elastic like real skin, also safe to touch and suck. Convenient open-leg design, no need to stretch the legs, avoid tearing, men's sex toy will not tear, more durable than other long-legged male sex dolls. Please note that TPE material is phthalate free and not resistant to high temperatures above 40°c/104°f.

  Built-in multi-pose strong skeleton

  The metal skeleton keeps lifelike male sex dolls in an upright position, keeping life-size adult love dolls in a stable and attractive shape to withstand the onslaught of your passion. When you are not using the stroking male sex toy, lay it down for safety and longer use.

  Easy to clean and store

  The male masturbation sex doll has some talcum powder on the surface to keep the love doll dry, not a dirt or quality issue! Wash male sex toys before and after use with soap and water at 40°c/104°f. Use a dry stick or paper towel to dry the narrow passages (including dry sticks), then sprinkle the talc powder on the doll and store in a cool place.

  PERFECT SMALL LIFE-SIZE MALE SEX DOLL EASY TO Handle: Please note that this sexy love doll torso is a small life-size male sex doll. This is an ideal weight for men who prefer easy-to-handle petting sex dolls as young women: Height: 15.0", Width: 11.0", Thickness: 6.5", Bust: 25.6", Waist: 16.5", Weight 13.8 lbs . It's heavy enough to hold steady while using a realistic male masturbator, and it's compact for storage.

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