Hey,Do Women Like Big Dildos?

Hey,Do Women Like Big Dildos?


      Do women like big penis? You may like it or you may not. I saw a lot of people searching for this issue on the Internet. We don’t know anyone who wants to know women and their big preference for dildos. However, I guess at least some of those people have penises.

  Let's get to the point, of course, some women do like big dildos! Some men, transgender people and non-gender people also like big dildos. Other women prefer small dildos, medium dildos or no dildos at all; the same logic applies to other populations regardless of gender or status. At this point, if you or your partner don't like dildos, you can always try vibrating the penis ring, the magic wand atmosphere that perfectly stimulates the clitoris, or the always classic bullet vibrator.

  Anyway, back to our point of view. "Do women like big dildos?" It is obviously a very important question for many people, so let's take a look at some of the reasons why women and ordinary people may like larger dildos sex toys.

     What is love big dildo?

       Whether you are a female or not, being attracted by the look, feel and effect of a large or oversized dildo depends entirely on your personal preferences. period. There are many reasons why you or your partner may like a large penetrator, and they are all effective. Below, we will explore some of the reasons why a huge dildo might make you spend the day/night/afternoon.

  1. Big dildo is fuller

  Of course, this is obvious, but it is true! Any dildo (or other penetrating adult sex toys) with a larger total length and circumference size may be deeper and more complete than a normal penis or a standard size dildo. For some people, it simply feels good.

  If you or your partner are female or have vaginas, XL dildos can more easily stimulate deeper erotic areas, such as G-spot and A-spot. Due to the greater thickness of the dildo, it is easier to stimulate the clitoris during insertion with a thicker toy.

  If you like more extreme anal sex or penetration, a large dildo will definitely enhance the feeling of your back. Males and those with male internal anatomy can be inserted into the prostate through the anus, and larger and thicker dildos can more easily target the p-spot area.

  2. You like challenges

  There are all kinds of thrill seekers. Some of us climb mountains, some jump off airplanes, and some like to challenge our bodies with oversized dildos. As with any extreme activity, please conduct research, inventory all equipment (lubricating oil, lubricating oil, and lubricating oil), and always keep it safe.

  3. Great visual effects!

  Many of us are attracted by visual effects, whether it's a bright smile, a beautiful round butt, a naked partner, or a favorite sex toy, such as a huge dildo! Lying on the bed, or peeking at you between the trusted clitoral vibrator and the favorite plug in the toy drawer, will not ignore the existence of a big dildo at all. It immediately hints at all the pornographic things you can do with it, or let your playmate use it to do to you. Maybe you like to watch your partner put on an artificial penis, or you like to imagine your fantasy man approaching with his prepared tools. Beauty is in the eyes of beholder!

  4. More love-and persevere

  For some people, the attraction to big dildos boils down to simple logistics. When playing solo, some people prefer to have more surface area to hold, and larger toys will naturally fit this requirement.

  5. Fantasy realization and partner games

  Maybe in some of your fantasies, a huge, seemingly insurmountable penis star? great! When you play alone, a big dildo can definitely play the role of a very gifted partner. To play together, you and your partner can explore the fun potential of large strap dildos or models that fit your favorite strap system.

  If you want to temporarily extend the length and circumference of a partner who has a penis, you can also choose a hollow strap dildo.

  The most popular big dildo size

       First of all, size is subjective, and popularity is fine too! think about it. To one person, 8 inches may seem large, while another person may think that 11 inches or more is insignificant. That is, in the world of sex toys, any penetrator longer than about 9 inches is generally considered a large dildo. Keep in mind that when discussing larger dildos, thickness (circumference, circumference or diameter) is also important.

  As for popularity, we did some digging and found a convenient monthly comparison to compare search data of various dildo sizes. The most searched dildos (by length) are as follows:

  10-inch and 12-inch dildos tied for No. 1, with 5,400 searches per month

  8-inch and 6-inch dildos tied for second place, with 4,400 searches each

  The 9-inch and 7-inch dildos are tied for third place with 3,600

  The 5-inch dildo won fourth place at a considerable price of 2,400

  The 15-inch dildo lifts the back at 1,000

  If we are to judge a dildo popularity contest, we have to say that the 10-inch and 12-inch size products have won with no small advantage. And, since the 10-inch and 12-inch dildos are considered large dildos, we concluded that *check the clipboard* large dildos are absolutely popular!

  Of course, these results are based entirely on Internet searches, so who knows? Does popularity (or Internet notoriety) really matter? If you are buying your own big dildo in the market, you may need to consider more important factors.

  Choose the right big dildo for you

        Let's simplify before shopping, shall we? Think about what "big" means to you. For example, maybe your partner has a 9-inch penis, or you have used an 8-inch or 10-inch dildo. Chances are, you have a dildo or other sex toy that you like. If so, you may need to add an inch or more of length and thickness to help calculate your definition of "big dildo." Knowing a little (an inch or less) extra can sometimes feel a lot.

  If you are starting from scratch, remember that six inches is only slightly larger than a normal penis, or about the size of a dollar. Consider buying something around 7 to 8 inches and see how it feels and/or performs in the sexy scene you want, and then start from there. As you progress, you can even learn how to make dildos bigger.

  On the other hand, if you have used a big penis and want to go directly/into the real big thing, you may want to shop around and buy a 10 or 12 inch model, and something thick and exciting circumference.

  So, is bigger really better?

       As early as the beginning, we said that personal preferences play an important role in your preference for a particular dildo size (so to speak). We support this statement.

  If you are experiencing an extra padded penetration experience with a lot of strong stretching and impressive visual effects, then yes, the big dildo is your sex toy. Please enjoy all the big dildo fun you can handle! Please make sure you know how to use the big dildo safely to prevent any accidents.

  Some women like big dildos, some like them, and some women don't care about big dildos. Replace "female" with any other category, type, definition, and adult status, and you will get the same answer.
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