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  From prostate toys to anal vibrators, the sex toy world has a lot to offer men. If you are in the market for a male vibrator, there are several types of male vibrators to choose from for beginners and experts. No matter which type of male vibrator you decide to choose, be sure to apply some lubrication to ensure you experience pleasure without damaging the delicate tissue in the anus and surrounding area. We've also included some feedback from satisfied customers to help you understand your male vibrator quest.

  Anal dildo

  Anal dildo male vibrator by the river

  Want to start anal exploration during sex? As a starter, a male vibrator you might want to consider is an anal dildo. These sex toys have no batteries or moving parts and are easy to use and maintain, which also makes them great for beginners. While not a true male vibrator, anal dildo can get you more interactive sex toys in the future.

  Butt plug

  Part of the male vibrator line, butt plugs are another sex toy to consider. From silicone to glass models, there's a right-sized butt plug that anyone can increase their sexual pleasure. As you and your partner progress in anal play, you can increase the size of the butt plug you use and experiment with different materials. For example, silicone offers a smooth and soft option, and glass is a smoother option that can also be refrigerated or heated for an extra touch.

  Prostate massager

  When you're ready to dive into more interactive sex toys, a male vibrator or prostate massager might be just what you're looking for. In case you didn't know, the nerves that run along the prostate are a key part of a male erection. Stimulating these nerves with a male vibrator can lead to more intense orgasms and sexual satisfaction in men. Options for this male vibrator include toys with multiple speeds and pulse patterns.

  Anal vibrator

  The final male vibrator option is an anal vibrator, which can be a simple vibrating butt plug or anal beads with vibration. If you opt for a beaded anal male vibrator, there will be added stress and pleasure when the beads are inserted. Butt plug type male vibrators are another way to stimulate the prostate area for super intense orgasms.

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