Goyha Sex Doll Male Masturbator Reviews


  This Big Breasts & Plump Butt, 1 x 4.7lb Realistic Torso Love Doll for Male Masturbation, Life Size Pussy Butt Male Sex Toy for Vaginal & Anal Sex. He has 10 reviews and all are 5 stars. It can be seen that it is enough to be loved by people.

  Tight and Realistic Holes - This male masturbation doll has deep holes, elasticity and flexibility, tightness and durability. The lines and granules inside let you experience the squeezing and rubbing of a real virgin vagina.

  Choose your favorite position - this pussy butt masturbator can be used in different ways. Vagina, anus, and breasts each have their own unique feel. You can see the perfect body, the sexy back curve, the plump big ass, and the breasts squeezed on the stomach. You are like having sex with a real woman.

  16.1" Tall Sex Dolls - Bigger male masturbation dolls are coming. Dimensions: 14.7LB weight, 16.1" high, 22.4" wide, built-in torso design prevents shaking. It can satisfy all your sexual fantasies about sexy women, do whatever you want!

  SOFT MATERIALS AND REALISTIC DETAILS - This male masturbator is made of high quality TPE material, which is safe and feels like real skin. The details of this male sex toy are very realistic, and every part of the collarbone, nipples, and labia are lifelike, bringing you a more realistic experience.

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