Goyha Realistic Masturbator Male Toy Reviews


  This Masturbator with Fat Lips Vagina and Tight Anal Sex Stroker has a rating of 5 stars, a high-quality pleasure sex toy that feels like real skin and is warm to body temperature! It can be pulled to fit most penis sizes!

  【Insert Pornstar! 】Our Goyha realistic male masturbator is modeled by pornstar Lily, who has the perfect vagina shape and color, and fat vagina lips filled with blood from your hard pushing! Our male masturbator has a one-way design that keeps the wall close to your cock and gives you a sucking experience as you move! More like a real feeling!

  【Non-Slip Handle Design】Our realistic masturbator's unique twist-like handle texture allows you to hold our pocket cat more firmly while masturbating, preventing the men's masturbator from falling off and interfering with your excitement

  【Elaborately designed vagina and anal passages】All the textures, curves and bumps of our male masturbator toys ensure a sensational sexual experience. Every inch of you will experience a different thrill as you move through our lifelike pocket cats! The anal tunnel has a simple round texture, but it sucks you intensely. When you reach the end of the passage, a slight penetration will widen the second opening and into the well-designed passage!

  【Stretchable and Portable】This pocket cat toy is small enough that you can use it anywhere, whether it's a bathtub or a car, you can enjoy a small pocket cat! And high-quality pleasure toys, feel like real skin, warm to body temperature! It can be pulled to fit most sized cocks!

  【Careful Shipping and Packaging】Your private information is perfectly protected, no one will see the sex toys you buy. The Goyha after-sales service team is always on call with a 6-month return and exchange policy

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