Goyha Realistic Male Sex Doll Reviews

  【3 in 1 lifelike sex doll】

  This masturbation doll has big boobs nice pink assholes and plush pussy. Details such as small particles on the areola and wrinkles on the labia are realistic. You can enjoy a full set of breast sex vaginal sex and anal sex. Every opening will provide great grip and is adorned with sensational ribbing for incredible fun.

  【2 different styles of super real channels. 】

  This realistic sex doll has two different channels, each of which gives you incredible sensations. The 5.7" long vaginal channel lets you go deeper, and the 4.5" long anal channel acts like a great suction cup where your brother feels the soft suction. How sexy!

  【Built-in torso love doll】

  This masturbation sex doll has a torso inside to keep the sex toy stable and avoid random shaking. You can unlock missionary puppy style or cowgirl in different locations. This is a must if you want to spice up your alone time or even your relationship!

  【Eco-friendly material and perfect size】

  The material of this sex doll is TPE, which is soft, safe and stretchy. The realistic male masturbator sex toy measures 10.63"*6.69"*5.11", the perfect size for easy handling and storage. It does fit most standard size sinks so you can properly clean after each use. And it doesn't require much space for storage.

  【Diecreet Packaging】To simplify the cleaning method, Goyha will be giving away a $7 suction stick. You can reuse this tool after drying. It will greatly reduce your cleaning time. For the health of you and your partner, we recommend that you properly clean and store the Sexy Love Doll between each use. Absorbed sticks and sex toys will be shipped in an Amazon box where your privacy is protected.

  The health of customers is the first reference factor in selecting materials. So that safe, superior pigments and coloring processes were selected for this product. However, this safety comes at the expense of genital color stability. The longer the time, the lighter the color of the genitals will become. The more washes, the lighter the color will be. But please rest assured, it will never affect the use!

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