Goyha Realistic Male Masturbator Sex Toys Reviews


  11LB Realistic Male Masturbator with Virgin Vagina and Anal, Life-Sized Pussy Ass Masturbator Sex Toys for Men Masturbation, Realistic Stroker with 2 Hole for Man Orgasm

  【Realistic male masturbator】

  We specially designed a heavy butt masturbator with real labia and plump buttocks. Her weight reaches 11LB, like a real partner, the charming curve is closer to the proportion of real women. Her big soft butt can fill your palms, and you can knead her at will. She is under your control.

  【Real weight-11LB】

  This pussy ass masturbator is 10*8.7*6.3in, weighing 11lb that molded from a beauty girl.Take her back home.Satisfy your sexual desires, you will never be lonely again.

  【2 Hole---2 Diffirent Sex Posture】

  The male masturbator comes equipped with vaginal and anal closed-end entry-each hole brings completely different suction sensations.It designed for men two favorite sex positiona that missinary and doggy style,You can adjust the posture as you like ,you get to set the pace and rhythm and to generally be the dominant one.


  This male sex toy is specifically designed t oturn imagination into reality with a high variety of internal structures for a lifelike sensation. The high-quality TPE material which is soft,skin-friendly,and no bad smell that feels as smooth as the skin of a woman.Fondlove pussy masturbator is easy to wash and remember to wipe it clean,save it carefully for later use.

  【Tight double caves and different inner lines】

  This butt male masturbator has two very tight hole, which can tightly wrap your penis. When you insert it into the sex vagina, you can feel every protrusion node inside, and the lines on the inner wall will tightly adsorb your penis.When you enter the anus, the small grain lines in the anus will keep rubbing your penis, making your penis feel different from guiding the friction pleasure.


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