Goyha Plump Butt Male Masturbator Reviews


  This doggy-style cat ass masturbator, plump butt male masturbator, with virgin anal vagina, suitable for male masturbation.

  Meet your very own thirsty pussy --- this cat girl is puckering up her pussy, waiting for you to grab your cheeks with gusto and shove your huge rod into her tight anus. You can enjoy it at the table or bedside, because penetrating her anus, you can lift her hips higher, allowing you to penetrate deeper, the 3D texture of this male masturbator brings different pleasures from different angles . You can control this masturbator to follow your heart and satisfy your exclusive pussy ass!

  CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE POSITION---This hip masturbator is designed with 2 roles, allowing you to get out in 2 satisfying positions. Since she's a thirsty wild cat, you can grab her ass and have amazing doggy-style fun while inserting her anus. Since she's the girl next door, you can turn her over and lie flat, grab her legs like a missionary and penetrate her vagina. No matter what location you choose, enjoy delicious penetration!

  Enjoy the tightness of her virgin anus and vagina - this pussy ass male sex toy features two incredible sensory holes: a virgin vagina and a tight anus. The vagina texture of this realistic masturbator is modeled after a virgin love tube. The 3D internal structure of the anus with big bumps rubs against your penis. No matter which channel you penetrate, the 3D texture surrounds your masculinity in all directions, and the tight channel brings you double stimulation.

  Spank her super soft ass---The two plump cheeks of this lifelike male masturbator long for you to spank them with your hands. The plump butt will give you a sexy bounce as you slap her juicy cheeks. When you rub her legs, you'll find you're teasing a real woman. No matter how you touch her, the soft buttocks of this butt male masturbator will make your time with her unforgettable!

  Feel her tiny details come to life - the luscious pussy lips of this realistic masturbation doll are shockingly lifelike. Butterfly-shaped labia and crimson labia color imitate orgasmic girls for the most intense visual experience. The anus of this male sex toy is covered with realistic ribbing and even massages your masculinity for even more excitement.


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