Fasten Your Seat Belt And Start The Game!


       You may have heard of it from your cool single aunt...Yes, we are talking about hooking.

  For those who are curious about this niche backdoor activity but don't know where to start, this blog is made for you.

  To hook up (verb); a type of sexual act in which a woman uses a strap dildo to penetrate the male's anus for anal sex.

   First, a quick anatomy lesson:

  What is the prostate?

  The prostate is a small male muscular organ that produces semen from male ejaculation. It is surrounded by nerve endings and can cause arousal when touched just right.

  How do you find the prostate?

  You can find the prostate by entering the anus, because it is an internal organ! Although this is the most direct way to stimulate it, you can also stimulate it by pressing/massaging a man's perineum (a.k.a. stain). This is the skin between the penis and the anus. Inside, it feels like a fleshy tissue ball, similar to a female G-spot.

  Does everyone have a prostate?

  Only cis-sex men who are designated as male at birth have a prostate in their anus. Women have a type of prostate called the Skene gland-the female G-spot. Women’s prostates are about the length of a finger on their vaginal walls, while men’s prostates are in his anus, as described above.

  Now, to fight the biggest misunderstanding:

  If a man likes to seduce, does he become gay?

  Men of any sexual orientation can enjoy seduce. Pegging is not an inference of sexual orientation, nor does it "convert" someone to homosexuality. Pegging is a simulation of the prostate of cis-gender women to cis-gender men. This common misunderstanding rooted in homophobia has led many men to stay away from this surprisingly pleasurable activity.

  Men don’t do something because they are afraid that people will think they are gay? Come on boy. It is 2021. Let us leave this misunderstanding in the past.

  Ladies and gentlemen, your nailing guide.

  It's time to get into the fun part! ! Below you will find a step-by-step guide for hooking up for the first time. To make things easier to understand, the "hooker" will be referred to as partner A, and the "receiver" will be referred to as partner B.

  1. Prepare.

  Like the anus, preparation is the key to creating the most enjoyable experience.

  If you plan to eat later in the day, avoid some foods: spicy foods, beans, dairy will understand. Avoid any foods that cause intestinal reactions at least 4 hours in advance. If not, things may get a little messy.

  Before you start, let partner B go to number 2. This will clear the passage and make them more enjoyable. If your colon is blocked, it won't be fun to nail it...

  2. Come on!

  Get some lube! Specifically, anal lubricant. Remember-if your dildo is silicone, don't use silicone lubricant.

  Partner A, rub lube around and inside Partner B's anus...Be sure to enjoy this intimate moment. There is no need to rush through the hooking process. This will give Partner B more "regions." Also keep some lubricant for the tip of the dildo.

  3. Fasten your seat belts, ladies.

  Ask Partner B to massage more lubricant on their anus while you fasten your seat belt-literally. Need strap inspiration? Try straps and dildo bags. It is even equipped with additional padding on the front part to improve comfort.

  Partner A, first put your legs into the bottom seat belt. It should imitate stepping into a garter belt. Then, tighten the sides so that they do not move around, but make sure they are not too tight, as they will cut off the blood circulation. The front part (most of where the dildo is) should rest comfortably on your pubic area. In addition, it should be hung directly (imitating an erect penis). Therefore, please make sure that your silicon sword is not hanging down or standing upright... it will not be a fun time.

  4 o'clock.

  There are several ways to pin it. There are 2 locations to solve here, because it will be targeted by the storm.

  Option 1: face down/puppy

  This may be the easiest way. Ask partner B to lie on the bed or on all fours, with his back facing you and his anus facing you. Make sure to add some lubricant to the end of the dildo to make it easier to insert. Stabilize yourself by grabbing their hips. Start to penetrate slowly, and make sure to go faster, slower, deeper, etc. in open communication with your partner.

  Option 2: Horse riding

  Partner B should lie on his back. Partner A, this part is for you: don't sit on his lap, let the dildo be at anal level. This may require you to lean more on partner B's lap or even sit on the bed. Start penetration while rubbing partner B's legs or lifting them for additional penetration.

  5. Move a little bit.

  When inserting partner B's anus, try to grasp his penis while gently stroking it. This will bring him countless pleasures and make it easier for him to experience prostate orgasm.
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