Everything you wanted to know about wand vibrators

Everything you wanted to know about wand vibrators


  For many, the wand vibrator is already a must-have toy in the bedroom. But to others, they remain a mysterious mystery. Wand vibrators come in a range of shapes, sizes, colors, and more. If this is your first time with a wand vibrator, you might be a little overwhelmed. So read on and learn the basics questions and answers about wand vibrators.

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  1. Is it loud?

  Due to the need for a powerful motor to deliver those intense, rumbling hums, the wand is never silent. You may be able to find quieter toys on the market, but we're sure your orgasm won't be as loud.

  If you're concerned about noise, you can always try a cloth muffler, or opt for a silicone wand, as the softer material helps hide vibrations.

  2. Are you using them internally or externally?

  The original wand was invented by the Japanese company Hitachi to relieve tension and muscle soreness (yes, really). Today, it is one of the most popular external erogenous sex toys in the world. And, thanks to clever attachments, you can experience deep, rumbling vibrations inside too.

  3. Are they available in other sizes?

  Absolutely! While standard magic wands tend to be similar in size (about 13 inches long excluding cables), there are some variations. You can find a fairly powerful wand that is only 10 inches long. The market has also expanded to shockingly good mini-wands that can be as short as 4.5 inches in length—and, of course, those vibrations won't be as powerful.

  4. Are they really expensive?

  As with most sex toys, wand prices can indeed vary. The higher price point is the result of using high-end, luxurious materials like silicone and a premium, powerful motor. The mini wand can be bought on a budget for $39.99, while you can get a more luxurious, powerful wand for $199.99.

  5. What is the best? Battery or mains powered or USB rechargeable?

  Today, there are many satisfying options for how to power your wand. You can find the classic power supply method with wands; wands in the range that can be charged via USB; and battery-powered wands, which tend to be smaller. Each power has its advantages. For example, mains powered wands tend to be more powerful and obviously don't run out of power. USB-powered wands are great for use in any room in your home, anywhere in the world, as are battery-powered wands—however, these wands may vary in power.

  6. Are plug-in vibrators safe?

  Mains powered wands are absolutely safe to use as long as they are kept away from water and follow the same safety regulations as any other electrical product.

  7. Will its size scare my partner away?

  Essentially, wands are usually larger vibrators, which can be overwhelming for partners not used to sex toys. The great thing about wands is that they can be used for a full body deep tissue massage, so if your partner cares a little about size, give them a sensual massage and they'll experience the benefits of wands in no time. So who knows where the game is going?

  8. Will my genitals be too big?

  Wands typically have large, rounded heads that are capable of transmitting super-strong vibrations through their entire surface area. Many will have flexible necks that allow you to tilt your head exactly where you want and provide all-around fun for your sweet spot. If you're looking for powered but more localized stimulation, the Mini Wand or the Mantric USB Rechargeable Wand are great options as they have a much smaller head circumference.

  9. Does the material matter?

  For some, materials can make or break a person's enjoyment of sex toys. Our selection of wands are made from a variety of different materials, so you have many options, depending on your preferences. Wand vibrators heads made of silicone will provide a silky soft, luxurious finish, while wand heads made of plastic are so smooth that they glide effortlessly on the skin. The material used for the body of the wand can also have an impact on your experience. Some, like the Desire Wand, have a smooth silicone body, while others are made of plastic or aluminum-titanium alloys, which are much heavier.

  As with all sex toys, the material from which the wand is made will determine which lubricants you can use. 
  10. Are they easy to clean?

  Thanks to the smooth heads, some of which are removable, the wand is easy to clean. If your wand has grooves, you may need to pay more attention to access these areas. A good sex toy cleaner and cloth should be enough to clean the head. Never immerse the wand in water.

  11. Are they worth the money?

  Wands vary in price, so thankfully, you can pick one according to your budget. As for whether they're worth it...well, they're one of the most popular items we sell, and we've got thousands of satisfied customer reviews for you to read to help you decide.

  12. Will they numb my hands?

  At most it may sting for a while, but any fear of it going numb and falling off is unfounded.

  Most wands have the motor in the head (not the handle), which helps keep the power where you need it (and away from the areas you don't!)

  13. Can it be used during sex?

  Aha! You can use it in a number of different ways - check out our upcoming guide to wands to get the most out of your amazing new friend.

  14. Can something so powerful be used for foreplay?

  *nods* Wands are one of the most versatile toys. See the guide above for a plethora of practical tips on using your wand.

  15. What lubricant should I use?

  It depends on what material the wand is made of and what you will be using it for. For more advice, see our lubricant buyer's guide. When in doubt, stick to a good quality water-based lube, as they are compatible with all sex toy materials and most skin types.

  16. So it's great for the clitoris, but what about the penis?

  Everyone is different. Many people with penises prefer the vibrating sensation of a tether or shaft, while others prefer to point the head of the wand at the perineum for the thrill of a deep P-spot. For those who love penis stimulation, check out our penis-specific attachments, like this Hummer, a textured stroker for even more explosive sensations.

  17. Will I become desensitized?

  Regardless of the type of stimulation, any repetitive or prolonged stimulation may cause a loss of sensation, but this is not permanent and your body will return to normal shortly.

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