Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Do Penis Pumps Really Work?


      When it comes to the world of sex games, there are many sexual elements. Whether you call it a cock, shaft, or member, the penis is definitely one of them.

  Now is the eternal penis-related question: Does size matter? Finally, the question is true, does it matter to you? There is no objective answer. The truth is that free play or use of your body-and your penis-is your birthright. You can do any penis exercise you want!

  However, if you are new to using penis pumps (or at least entertaining ideas), then you will naturally have a bunch of problems, such as:

  How to use the penis pump?

  Is the penis pump safe?

  What is the best penis enlargement pump?

  How to use a penis pump to extend the penis?

  Whether you are just curious about the penis pump, or want to solve problems such as erectile dysfunction, increasing penis size or more difficult erections, you are lucky. We are diving into the world of penis pumps, and we can say that it will be exciting. ;)

  What is the short answer as to whether the penis pump is working?

  Using a penis pump can be an effective way to obtain and achieve a full, delicious, erection. A penis pump can bring you results without penis enlargement surgery, penile implants, penis injections, or other male enhancement pills or techniques. In addition, depending on the penis pump model you choose, they are also very cost-effective.

  Before you ask, no, the penis pump is not a penis extender. To be clear, the penis pump cannot be used as a permanent penis extender, nor will it ultimately increase the length of your penis. In other words, they will not increase your penis size or length forever, but if used properly, they will help your erection, therefore, for many penis owners, sexual intercourse. Who doesn't want this?

  What can a penis pump do?

  For penis owners who have lost their natural erection ability, are dealing with erectile dysfunction, or just want more erections (because this is always fun!), a penis pump can be a great tool.

  In short, the penis pump draws blood into your penis, allowing you to get a full, firm erection. This can make your sex life better and also give you more control over your stubbornness.

  Again, the penis pump is not a magical male enhancement medicine that can make the penis bigger. If permanent penis enlargement is your overall goal, this will not allow you to reach your goal. However, they will help you get rid of what you already have-your own natural penis will be well and erect.

  How does the penis pump actually work?

  The penis pump is essentially a vacuum constriction device. You insert a vacuum device into your penis (you can start with a loose penis or a partially erect penis) and press it firmly against your body to form a seal.

  A physical or mechanical connection of the IR tube is then sucked out. This simply means that you enable the device manually, or it does it for you (for example, an air mattress that you can pump yourself, or use a built-in pump). Ø NCE sucks to create, the blood is pulled into the blood vessels in your penis, so that you are satisfied, big, full effect, your desire is more difficult to erect at the top.

  Do you want to maintain an erection? A good idea is to wear a constriction ring (cock ring) of the right size to limit the return of blood to your penis. You can think of the penis ring as the Robin of the penis pump Batman-it supports the awesome things being created and makes Batman look good when doing so. You don't need to use a penis ring, but your erection will last longer with a penis ring.

  Is the penis pump safe? Should you take any precautions?

  The short answer is yes, it is safe to use a penis enlargement pump if it is used properly and at the right time. Penile rings are also safe, but they need to be the right size so that they don't excessively restrict blood flow around the penile tissues. Excessive contractions can cause numbness, bruising, and overall discomfort-you really don't want everything that happens to your precious penis.

  As far as the penis pump is concerned, you also need to make sure that you don't put too much pressure on the penis. Too much pressure in the vacuum chamber can cause bleeding, especially if you are taking blood thinners, have blood disorders, or have a history of blood clots. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Vacuum pumps can temporarily make the penis look bigger. However, using it too frequently or for too long can damage the elastic tissue in the penis and cause a weak erection.”

  For the safety and health of your penis tissue, it is also recommended that you use the penis ring for no more than 30 minutes.

  If you are worried about whether a penis pump is right for you, you should consult your general practitioner for health issues. Remember, your sexual health, vitality and happiness are important. This does not need to be an embarrassing conversation-you have the right to enjoy a vibrant sex life, and a penis pump can be a part of it!

  Are there any strange or unexpected effects when using the penis pump?

  Glad you asked! This requires a little anatomy course, but it is worth mastering.

  You already know that the penis includes the base, shaft, glans and foreskin. What you may not know is that your erectile tissue is made up of the cavernous body-the two rows of sponge tissue in the penis. The corpus cavernosum makes up most of the penis, and its blood vessels are filled with blood to help erections. This is basically the help of the penis pump-filling your cavernous body.

  Now, your penis also has something called the suspensory ligament, which brings it close to the pubic bone. Basically, when the penis is erect, the suspensory ligament supports it. And when you use a penis pump, this part does not engage in the same way as a natural erection.

  result? When you use the penis pump, the base of the penis will not harden, which can cause an erection to feel a little unnatural. The lack of firmness at the base means that your penis will be able to rotate or rotate more than just with a natural erection (ie, your cock may be a bit more floppy than you are accustomed to at the base).

  How long can the effect of the penis pump last?

  Your mileage may vary, but when the penis pump is used properly, you should be able to expect approximately 30 minutes of erection time, especially when you pair it with a penis ring. (If there is no penis ring, your erection may last less than 30 minutes.)

  How often can you use the penis pump?

       But in fact, using a penis pump is generally much safer than performing prostate surgery, penile surgery, implants, or drugs. The side effects of using the penis pump correctly are minimal. Due to the pressure of the pump, you may get a slight bruise at the base of your penis, but over time, your body will adjust to this condition.

  How do you know which penis pump is the best?

  There are various penis pumps with varying degrees of complexity. As mentioned earlier, there are manual penis pumps and pumps that can do the suction part for you. Manual ones are usually cheaper and are a good way to dip your toes in the water. This classic is less than $15 and has a quick release valve.

  Many penis owners swear to use water penis pumps, which are a good choice because they apply pressure evenly around the penis. They are also interesting because you can use them in the bath or shower. Imagine raising the stakes by taking a bath with a terrible sex toy...but in all the right ways. ;)

  Can a penis pump help treat erectile dysfunction or Peyronie's disease?

  Yes! The penis pump is an excellent choice for treating erectile dysfunction or treating Peyronie's disease.

  When treating erectile dysfunction, penis exercises-filling the penis with blood-are always helpful. Experts believe that one of the root causes of erectile dysfunction is the lack of natural penile movement (and lack of nocturnal erections). Using penis exercises such as a penis pump can help. There is no need to take nitric oxide pills (for those who don’t know, nitric oxide is a chemical that relaxes the penis and maintains an erection). But how do you exercise your penis? You can try some jelqing exercises first, which is a penis stretching exercise.

  Studies have also shown that for those with Peyronie's disease, the penis pump can effectively restore penile function. It is safe to use in all stages of Peyronie's disease and has been shown to stabilize the curvature of the penis. The use of penis pumps can even reduce the number of men undergoing penis enlargement, penile prosthesis or prostate surgery.

  Penis rehabilitation is real, all of you.

  When using a penis pump, is there anything else you can help increase or improve function?

  Here are some tips for improving erectile function when using a penis pump:

  1. Buy a penis pump of the right size. You have a unique penis length and circumference, and you need a penis pump that suits you. If it is too large, the vacuum penis pump will not be installed properly. It's too small, you can't put your penis in it. Fortunately, some manufacturers will disclose the size of the cylinder, so to buy the right size, you might as well measure your circumference.

  2. Prepare a contraction ring (also known as a penis ring) of a suitable size. The same thing-your penis ring needs to fit your penis. Sometimes, the penis ring is sold together with the penis pump. If the ring that comes with your pump is not suitable, please change to a ring that is more suitable for your member.

  3. Test drive. Before using your erection with your partner, try it yourself! Test your penis pump to see how it works, and remember step 4.

       4. Have fun and maintain a sense of humor. Let's face it-sex is weird! When strange things happen, the body will also do some interesting things. Treat all this as an adventure rather than a shameful thing. Most importantly, please remember that your sexual health and vitality are important, and you should have fun during sex.

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